Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just a typical Tuesday night


The bane of my existence.

C had a Basketball game right after school. Bee was frazzled because he had to run home and run up to the school to take her basketball shorts to her because she forgot them, only to get there in a hurried state to find out she just borrowed a pair from coach. Yeah, he wasn't happy. Mostly, because he had to get back in the car and go home and wait for Little Man to get home so that they could come BACK up to the school to watch the game.

By the way. Let's look at this situation as a prime example of how women think different than men. Bee was 1000 feet from Little Man's School (seriously. They are all on the same campus. In fact, you can go from the Elementary school, to the Middle School, to the High School all without having to go outside. They are interconnected). It was 3:25 pm. Little Man's school ends at 3:30 pm. He got into his car, drove the .75 miles HOME and waited, in the car, with it running.. for Little Man to get off the bus, which wasn't until 4:00 pm. Then drove BACK to the school for C's game. Now, as a WOMAN, I would have waited for Little Man to come OUTSIDE for the bus (they don't like you to come get them from the class room unless you call them by 1 pm....or send in a note...) and said, "Hey, Little Man!" to which, he would of said "Oh, Hello, Mom!" and I would have said, "C'mon, we are going to watch C's basketball game". And off we would have went. But, whatever...

She won, by the way. 27-2. They are undefeated still at 10-0! That's my girl! Monday's game she actually scored the game winning point against the toughest team they will have to face this season. I'll be sad when Basketball is over :( She got her basketball pictures back...
it makes me mad I can not rotate this picture...

I never understand why the girls walk around with their hands on their "hips" except, apparently their hips are waaaaay lower than mine...hmm...anyway..

Bee brought her home, and took little man to practice a little while after I got home. But, not before proclaiming he didn't feel well and made me feel his head. He had a fever and was all flushed in the face.

Bee. Not Little Man. Lest you think we sent a sick kid to Basketball practice..

Bee came home and sat in his chair looking miserable. Meanwhile, I made dinner, and put it in the over, took C to Civil Air Patrol, came home, fixed plates for my two men, and ate something myself, only to Kiss Bee goodnight (he was in bed by 8 pm!) and go get C from her meeting. I stayed up long enough with her so she could eat, and then we both went to bed.


I still haven't gotten to watch Walking Dead yet :/ And Probably won't...until this weekend :( 

At least my meatloaf was delicious...and looked beautiful in my new dish that my sister-in-law got me for the wedding :D

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Sarah said...

Lol about how women think differently from true!! Dave does that kind of stuff all the time.
Poor Bee! I hope the rest of you can stay well, especially with all that you have going on.
I'm going to tell Henry about Civil Air Patrol...I found one about 20 minutes from us. :) I don't know if he would be interested or not, but I think its such a cool opportunity. Thanks for thinking to Google it!