Monday, February 18, 2013

All is right in my world :)

If you walked past my house at around 6:30 pm last night you would have heard massive gun fire, bombs exploding, the windows rattling, and shouts of "THAT'S BULLSH*$%T!" and "Aw COME ON!!!". Yes, my lovey arrived home from his weekend away hunting/camping. As become the tradition, the only thing they managed to kill (and there were 21 of them this time) was a whole lot of Crown Royal. *shudders* I can't do crown. Makes me want to vomit in my mouth just thinking about it. baby is home :) Lots of dirty, muddy, laundry, but he is home safe. With a cold. And pink eye. Sigh....luckily, since I am prone to getting pink eye, I keep a bottle of antibiotic eye drops handy. Sometime around Saturday night/Sunday morning I was starting to feel a bit icky too, but so far it hasn't actually turned into anything. We shall see.

My weekend was awesome in it's own right, even though my sweet Bee was absent. Friday night, T and I went to dinner and had some much needed girl talk. Ruby Tuesdays is always aces in my book. C went to the boys varsity basketball game while I was at dinner and little man played at T's house with her kids (driving her husband insane I'm sure) After dinner, we picked up C and dropped off Miss. T, and headed home (right around the corner). Bff Rose came out shortly after that and after a few beers, we headed to bed.

Because we are super old, we were in bed by midnight, but up by 8:45 am. We drank coffee and chatted while the kids played outside in the snow. Then we headed off to the salon to get new hair!!

I kinda heart it :) I mean, I walked in there thinking I needed it dyed and trimmed because I just was now able to put it up in a ponytail when something inside said "cut it all off" so I did. I wanted the style I had when I met Bee. I showed my friend (same girl who did my hair for the wedding) and she glanced at it and said "Oh yeah. A crop" and gave me this. This is not what I had when I met Bee. But, whatevs. It's still really cute. Bee likes it, I like it, and so do most people who have seen it. Though, went I went to go get C from a party she was at last night, one of the basketball moms said, "Oh! You cut all your hair off!" I said, "yeah, I wanted a change" and she said, "Well, it sure looks different". Not really what you want to hear when it's 10pm on a Sunday night and you are exhausted/on the verge of sick and wanted to go to bed 3 hours ago, but had to come get your kid from this party and wearing your pajama's thinking your kid would be watching for you since you said you would be there at 10pm, but no, so you had to actually ring the doorbell, only to be surprised by the fact that the mom's of all the girls from the team were there and drinking wine without you looking all nice, and yeah, you are in dumpy too-big-for-you sweatpants, uggs, and a stained t-shirt. Sigh. It's like high school all over again. Whatever. I like my hair. :)

I look forward to the week. We don't have basketball with little man anymore so, it will make the evenings way easier! :) 


Karen said...

Joy, your hair looks GREAT!!! Please don't think about what that other BB mom said; she was not being kind (and apparently does not know great hair when she sees it). Your hair looks so cute, full and stylish! Have a great day! Karen
(Sarah and Lisa's sister)

Joy Brown said...

Thanks, Karen!! :) I like it too! :)

Sarah said...

I'll second what Karen said. I love that style, and I love it on you!