Monday, February 25, 2013

Down for the count...

The weekend started out wonderfully :) The roads weren't a big pile of suck on the way home on Friday, and I made it home in decent time :) I got home and heated up some dinner for my family and got ready to take C to pick up her friend and drop them off at the movies. Also, it was this very moment in time I told C and her friend to behave, don't talk to strangers, and most importantly, NO BOYS and then try and bury the memories I have of telling my parents I was going to the movies with my friends and then after they drove off, meeting up with the group of boys, and instead of watching the movie, we'd all make out with our boyfriends in the back of the theatre. Yes. I was 12. The same age as my daughter is now. The boys? Yeah, like 15. Oh yeah, and we met them off the Internet. *shudder* It still amazes me I made it to 32 without being kidnapped, raped, or killed. Moving on.

I came home and Bee, the Boy, and I left for Bee's practice. It was all I thought it would be. Me, cold and sleepy, them doing boy things and wanting to gab all night. We eventually got in the car to go home, just in time to hear my phone (which I left in the car with an almost dead battery because Little Man played angry birds the whole 35 minute ride to practice) ring and go to voice mail. It was the home phone (ie: C) and she left a voice mail of her crying saying how she got sick at the movies and came home and how she got sick at home and threw up on the couch and she didn't know how to clean it up. I called right back, but she didn't answer. When we got home, we found her throwing up in our bathroom. Luckily, she had gotten sick in front of the couch, on the hard wood floor, and not ON the couch. We cleaned her, and the floor, all up and got her a trashcan. She was feverish and pale. Grreeaatt. Stomach Flu has landed at the Bee household.

Bee and I stayed up with her until 3 am. I ran up to the gas station/mini mart because it was the only thing close and open at 2 am. Got her ginger ale and Gatorade. She threw up till 3, when she finally fell asleep. We waited until 3:30, and then went to bed ourselves. Apparently, she got up right after and was up most of the night dry heaving. Sigh. My poor baby girl. I had a bridal shower for a friend to go to on Saturday afternoon, and when I got home, Bee told me she slept all morning. She was in and out by the time I got home at 5 pm. I made her some chicken broth and crackers to munch on. Which, is exactly what she did. Nibbled here and there, and slept. Little Man went to a friends house to spend the night (he played outside allllll day) and Bee and I canceled our tentative plans and with the exception of running up to Chik-fil-A for a quick run through the drive thru for dinner for us, and did not leave C's side.

On Sunday, we picked the boy up early, and decided to stay home instead of going to church because Bee still wasn't feeling 100%, C was sick, and Little Man had been wearing the same outfit for 3 days (PJ's from PJ day at school) without a bath and there wasn't time for him to get one or even change between picking him up from his buddies house and Church starting. We stopped at the store and I bought stuff for Egg McMuffins and we just kinda chilled. C was feeling better. She finished off the sleeve of crackers and even asked for something else. I upgraded her to toast and chicken broth with noodles. Later, Bee wanted to run to Wally World for Ammo (if that's not the biggest redneck statement you've ever heard, I don't know what is ;)  ) and we all decided to get out and get some fresh air. C seemed to be back at about 75%. After about 30 minutes of shopping, we headed out. Friends of ours moved around the corner (they lived around the other corner before) and wanted us to see the new digs. We stopped by for a few, but after about 20 minutes, C was complaining of a headache and she was all pale again, so we dipped outta there. She came home and laid right back down and fell asleep.

She probably could have gone to school today, but we figured one more day to get her strength up. She has a basketball game tomorrow and really wants to play in it so, she will need all her strength :) I'm praying Bee and I don't get it. Little Man either, but he pretty much wasn't near her at all the whole weekend, so I hope it helps!

As for the rest of the week, Bee has a doctor's appointment for his hernia on Wednesday. I hope they can fix it and he isn't out of work too long :/

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Sarah said...

Awww, poor C!! And you and Bee must be exhausted. I hope it stops with her!