Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Go Niners!

I have no real ties to the 49'ers. I just hate Joe Flacco. And Ray Lewis.

With that out of the way...

It's been a nice weekend so far :) Friday night we went to dinner with some friends of ours for some adult time. We came home and relaxed a bit, but then went to bed at a reasonable time. Mainly, because C had to be at the school at really-early-o'clock. I was glad because I was super tired. In the morning, Bee woke up at 7am. That is sleeping in by 2 hours for him. I did my little happy dance because that meant that he could wake up C and run her up to the school for her Power of the Pen competition! I also got 2 extra hours of sleep. Then it was up to take the boy to basketball!

We made it to the game on time (barely. I slept a little too long :D ) and They actually WON! I was so happy! They won 16-2. My boy scored 8 of their 16 points! :) On the way out, they had a little coffee/hot cocoa stand handing out free coffee and, you guessed it, hot cocoa :D We stopped and chatted for a few. The people running it were a group who were from a church in town. VERY nice people and they meet on Sunday's right where little Man plays basketball! Bee really wants to go and check it out. Yay! I'm a little weary because they are Southern Baptist and that's a little conservative, even for me, but who knows, this church might not be traditional. :)

We came home and hung around until it was time to go get C and then later we headed out for Bee's arena game in PA. It was snowing kinda bad, and they had the 10:30pm game, so we didn't get home until 4am!! They were late in getting started so, our guys played an hour and a half late! They won, barely, and we got outta there. All three of my peeps won yesterday! C won first and second place at her writing competition and the boys won their games :)

This morning, I woke up around 11, made breakfast for Bee (and the kiddo's later when they woke up), hit the store to get my supplies for the two dips I am making (Loaded baked potato and cookie-dough!) came home, made the dips, cleaned up around the house, did 2 loads of laundry, and now I am relaxing until it's time to leave for our super bowl party :) I will be so glad when little man is off punishment. Oh Lordy is he driving me crazy :) Every time I turn around, he is RIGHT there. He asks me about 150 times if I need help with anything, then he talks non stop...about everything...It's like, I LOVE YOU, but GO PLAY! Oh wait.... lol :)

I hope to have pictures of my dip...later... :)  Hope you all enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday! :)

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