Monday, February 11, 2013

Count down till huntin' weekend

We had a very uneventful weekend for once. It was really nice :) Friday night I went to the store and bought stuff for steak salad. We ate, watched TV and relaxed. Saturday, we had Little Man's basketball game and then we came home and watched TV and ate salad. Then we took C to her friends house to spend the night. They had to be up early the next day for their Civil Air Patrol flights. We sat around basking in the laziness until our friends the Jones's called us up and asked up to dinner. We went, enjoyed the company, and then it was time for more laziness. :) We went to bed at a decent hour because we wanted to try out this new church that one of the members invited us too.

Sunday we got up, headed out the door and actually made it someplace on time :P I asked Bee what he thought after the service was over. He said he knew I didn't like it because he loved it (problem in the past we've had. I'm more conservative than he is and we like different kinds of services). I told him he was wrong. I actually REALLY liked it. Perfect mix of contemporary (Music and worship style) and conservative (teaching and practices like communion). I think we may have found a place to call our churchy home :) We hit up the gun store (Wow...Church AND guns in the same sentence. We really are rednecks ;)  ) because Bee needed ammo for this upcoming weekend's hunting trip :) Then it was home to be lazy all day. When you are always on the go, a weekend of nothing is awesome :)

Bee is gearing up for his annual coyote hunting trip. In the last 2 years he has gone, they've killed more 6 packs and dead trees than any coyote (They've killed no coyote. In a place that's over-run with them...hence the big bounty weekend...ahem) But he has fun with his friends just the same. They shoot guns, drink, eat...a lot, fart...a lot, see who can do the grossest thing to another guy....light off fire-crackers, you know..things 8 year old boys do...but they are grown men so...they can afford bigger and better things to blow up ;)

In the mean time, I will be having an all besties weekend filled with all things bestie related. Fried food, beer, laughing (more like cackling), getting our hair did, story telling, and of course, drinking :P It's going to be awesome :)


Sarah said...

That's wonderful that you might have found a church that you both like. We had to visit a lot of churches too before we found one we agreed on.

The idea of Civil Air Patrol fascinates me. How cool that C is doing that, and so smart! She seems like such a great kid. :)

Hope you and Bee have so much fun on your weekends! It sounds like a blast! :) Dave and I are going away for a weekend with some of our friends, and can't wait to go. It's so good to get the heck out of Dodge sometimes. ;)

Joy Brown said...

Civil Air Patrol is really cool and she enjoys it! Apparently, whatever rank she achieves in CAP, it will transfer to the Air Force!

Yes, Weekends away are awesome! :) Have fun on yours :)