Thursday, February 21, 2013

All the white stuff..

Tuesday morning was 40 degrees. And raining.
Tuesday afternoon, it was snowing. And windy as hell.
Driving home from work kinda sucked so I was relieved when Bee said that  C was going to skip out on Civil Air Patrol. However, then she remembered that it was P.T. day and she needed this last P.T. session to qualify for her promotion that she is getting at the end of the month.


Bee is sick. He has this God awful cough. And Pink Eye. And Snot combo going. He hasn't even taken a day off of work, but I know he feels like death when he gets home, so I figured I would be flying solo in the running of kids to places department. C and I left and there was a light dusting on our driveway (there was nothing when I got home 30 minutes before) the roads weren't horrible. It was just so gosh darn windy and everything was blowing around. By the time we got off the highway (2 exits down from where we live. It's not like we had to travel super far or anything) the roads were slick. We slip and slided the rest of the way and I dropped her off silently cursing them for not canceling the meeting.

I don't really know what my issue is. I've grown up in this. I have driven in full on blizzards, where there was a driving ban, just to get to a party, or a boy's house and didn't even sweat it. However, since my trip into work a few weeks ago where I couldn't get purchase on the road, I have been a nervous nelly when it comes to the snow. I just don'

Anyway, it was even worse coming home and when I pulled in, the tracks we made when we left where gone and the snow covered my shoes. Bee knows how the snow makes me nervous, so he said he would go pick her up at 9 pm. I didn't want him going by himself because it hadn't stopped since I got home. We went and got her and the roads were ten times worse. We picked her up and made our trek  home and when we finally made it, we went to bed early because he is sick and I am old (hehe).

At 4 am we got the text that school was closed. At 7 am they showed my route to work. It was a parking lot. Accidents, ice, people moving at a crawl. My alternate route was shut down due to bad weather. I said "yeah, no thanks" and called in! I went and told the kids there was no school and there was much rejoicing!

I went back to bed for about an hour, and when I woke up, all was quiet. I looked outside, and this is what I Saw:

My kids are so good :) Actually, that's C and the neighbor kid, but Little Man is out there too. He just wasn't in the picture.Also, maybe I should clean my windows. It wasn't foggy outside or anything lol :) They played out there All. Day. Long. I was one of the few moms that stayed home, so most kids were at my house all day. They were outside though, so I didn't really mind :) My day was spent watching "Medium" on Netflix and cruising Facebook. I did take a break to do a load of laundry, make lunch, and clean my bathroom (a chore I have been avoiding like the plague for a while now). 

My Bee finally came home and we were all snug as a bug for the rest of the day. No one had anywhere they needed to be, and we just chilled. In fact, we even manged to get in a family game of LIFE on the xbox!

Then, Thursday had to come and we all had to return to reality. Boo.

What's bad? Friday, a storm is supposed to blow in that is to be 10 times worse.....


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Sarah said...

I LOVE snow days! So unexpected, so cozy, such a gift! And kudos to your awesome that they shoveled like that. :) You've got some keepers!