Thursday, February 17, 2011

Garbage stinks!

I am currently at war with Waste Management. I have been since we moved. I just don't understand why, when I pay my bill, in full, and on time, they still refuse to PICK.UP.MY.TRASH.

Trash day is Monday. They have from 6am until dark time to come pick up the trash. So, C places the cans on the curb, right side facing the street (our garbage men are lazy and don't even get out of the truck. They have an "arm" that reaches out, grabs the can, lifts it, and dumps it before placing it back on the curb). on Sunday night before she goes to bed, so, like 8pm. Monday night, the trash is still sitting there, which means Tuesday, I have to remember to call them and tell them they forgot, AGAIN, and to please get my trash. Which, depending on when I remember to do that because you know, I am at work, it could be as late as Thursday before it's done.

Each time I call, they are very polite. They apologize up and down for this situation. They don't understand what is causing it, other than my route has had new drivers lately, but that shouldn't cause this! They tell me they will credit my bill, and promise me it will not happen again. THIS has been my life for the last 24 weeks. With the exception of 6 or 7 times, it happens every week. Yet, I have gotten 4 credits, even though I am promised one each time they screw up. I'm not good at math, but even I know that's not right.

This lst billing period was rough. I think I was on the phone with them almost every week. They gave me a credit of $7 dollars, ya'll.
"Hi! I know we suck at life, and our line of work, but here's a whole $7 for your trouble. Go on! Buy yourself something nice! *wink* *Toothsparkle*"
Bite Me.

I got on that phone and I raised Cain. I demanded a supervisor. I talked over her, I stated my case, I aired my frustration, told them I thought they sucked at life and the best I got was another $3.75 off my bill.

Really? REALLY?! And the attitude I got was that I should just accept it and be happy. Well, I told them I would TAKE that credit. Then, they could notate in my account that from now on, if I have to call them to remind them to get my trash, I will automatically deduct $3.75 from my bill and they should too. Nothing need to be said about it, it should just happen. If they don't like it, I will send a complaint to the Better Business Bureau along with my formal complaint sent to their company (which was sent before this post was typed), and I will have a nice little sit down with my good friend who happens to be the head of city council and we will discuss their monopoly of a contract over our little township.

Bastards. I wish a swift kick to the taco to all of them!