Monday, February 21, 2011

Girls weekend!

Well, Bee left Friday afternoon for his big huntin trip. I left right after work to head out to Miss. A's house for some girl time! I arrived just in time to bribe her lovely children to like me with candy. I find it best, when entering a home with children, you always bring candy. Always. I must say, they both wanted to be my BFF when the suckers came out. Score.

I also got to meet their dad. Also known as Miss A's ex husband. Well, isn't he just a barrel of loveliness. I am glad they have Miss A, and hope someday they realize their dad is kind of a waste of space. Anywho, after the kids left with Mr. Sunshine, we headed up to the Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. Other than being so dark in there that we had to feel our way around to our table, we had a GREAT dinner :) Mmmmmmm...salad bar.....steak....spinach artichoke dip....cheesy garlic biscuits....I am sooo hungry right now... Ahem. After dinner, we went back to her house and polished off a nice local bottle of wine. Then I went home, way later than anticipated, but it was all good :) That is, until I got all the way to the top of the hill by my house and saw that the road was flooded out. That was super fun, because that meant I had to drive 20min back the opposite way just to get home.

Saturday, I got up and took the kids to the Grandparents of the Year's house. Then came home and franticly tried to figure out why in the sweet name of heaven was it so cold (62 degrees) in dining room and living room when the thermostat clearly states that it needs to be 70 degrees. I felt useless and dumb because Bee wasn't there to ask him "Hey, um, is this an issue, or is this normal because our house is over 100 years old?" I wished my poppy lived closer because I would have made him come over and look at it. I thought about called one of Bee's guy friends who lives down the road, but was too embarrassed. I called my mom, and she quilted me into texting my landlord. Walt said the pilot light could be out. Call the gas company, then let him know because he was out of town. I decided I was not going to do that, because I felt like it HAD to be something so simple and I am not calling the gas company for that. I went to take my shower because BFF Rose was on her way and when I went into my bedroom and my bathroom it was toasty warm and I could feel heat coming from the radiator. I chalked it up to an old house and went about my business.

BFF Rose made it out, and we went and had Mexican for lunch. Can I be honest? I kinda hate Mexican food. I LOVE the free chips and salsa (though, the authentic restaurants always have unsalted chips. Why?!) and I love Bee's tacos he makes, and the Steak Santa Fe Tacos from Taco Bell. Anyway, I wanted Mexican because it was cheap, across the street from the Meglomart (Super Wal-Mart), and um, hello! Free Chips and Salsa. We ate, chatted, then hit up the store to buy supplies for our evening and the next day. We got cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Sunday, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Sandwich cookies with vanilla cream (think Oreo's, but with chocolate chip cookies..Oh Em invention EVER) Beer, Wine, and we wanted the frozen ravioli's, but they only had beef, and beef is gross, so we went with cheese tortellini's.

We made it home, and since it was already 4:30pm, we open the beer! After about four, we decided that why keep putting off my haircut that I want so bad. Bff Rose can do it! So, she did. With sewing scissors, a brush instead of a comb, and slightly impaired judgment, she took off 2 and a half inches (but kept my layers) and she did an awesome job! My cheap ass will never again pay for a haircut. Well, I will, but with beer and chocolate instead of money :) Around 8pm, we headed up to the local watering hole for bar food. We went there specifically because they have fried green beans, which are BFF Rose's favorite. We ordered that and the Sampler. Turns out, they were out of green beans. They ended up giving us a discount on the wings we ordered to replace them. BFF Rose said "Oh, and we prefer the wings, not the drumsticks." and you know what? When our order came, it was all the flat wings. No Drumsticks! We were floored! The guy said, "Yeah, I had to open like two packages because they come pre-sorted in packs of 6 and 8." Aww. Sweet boy!
Before, and with makeup

AFTER, with NO make-up, and puffy from only wake up an hour before

We headed home around midnight, had a few more beers, then went to bed. Sunday we hung out all day and just talked and ate. It was nice! Bee came home around 9:30 and said the roads were horrible due to the current snow storm. He had a BLAST in the woods, but the only thing they killed was the 12-packs of beer they had. Apparently, the Coyotes got the memo they were comin :) The kids made it home shortly after that. And finally, all my hive was as it should be!

This morning, I woke up and the ice storm covered all the trees in ice! It was beautiful! My tires also handled well, so driving to work wasn't so bad :) Ah, just a few more weeks of this...

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Sarah said...

Jealous! I so need a girls' weekend! It sounds like you had a great time. My weekend with my girlfriends is coming up, and I can't wait!
Love your hair!