Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things that are currently annoying

  1. Mice. Apparently Mickey and his 8,000 family members have taken up residence in my house. My kitchen, to be specific. I don't have a problem with mice from that standpoint that they're kinda cute. I'm not going to jump on any chairs or anything, but I don't like them near my food, or spreading disease on my counter tops. If they pooped outside and ate, like, bugs, or something else useful, we'd be cool. Until then, I guess I am going to be hearing *SNAP* "awwww cooooooooollll!" a whole lot until spring.
  2. People who don't put up more than say, 2 pictures on facebook. There are some people in my life that I want to keep tabs on without having to have an actual conversation with them. You call it stalking, I call it taking a passive interest in their lives.
  3. Wrestling with the the fact Bee didn't bother to do anything for me for Valentines Day. After making a big deal about his hunting weekend being AFTER the Valentines Day weekend, and we would celebrate this past Saturday, nothing was done. I realize he thinks the day is dumb and Hallmark's way of pressuring men, I am upset that he can't even acknowledge the fact that I do celebrate and for once...just one time, think of what I might like or appreciate. I don't require gifts, and in fact, 3 days before he had just dropped $150.00 on new tires for my car but, a card would have been nice. Hell, a .65 cent kit-kat bar would have been nice. Then, I stop and think about all the little almost un-noticed things he does for me and I think, why do I need just one day? He shows me love all the time...and back to "He could have even just made me a card..."
  4. This cold. I am starting to be convinced that Little Man and I (And now J!) will have this until we die from it. I am feeling like the end is nigh! *cough, cough. Sniffle, Sniffle*
  5. People on the highway. Listen, the law states you have to pass on the left. Hence, why the left lane exists. How can I pass your slow moving vehicle on the left if you are camping in it with the cruise set at 60? You want to do 60? Stay in the right lane where you belong. Hell, if you want to do slower than me or the car behind you, even if it's 80, move OVER.
  6. Did I mention this cold? I am supposed to have BFF Rose over this weekend and we are supposed to spend the time pretending like it's the olden times and staying up late gossiping, eating, watching BAD tv and drinking. How can I do that if I am sick?!
  7. The Weather. It's going to be 55 today. 50 tomorrow, and 32 the rest of the week/weekend. Spring needs to not be a tease! 
  8. I am out of wine! And Nyquil!

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Amander said...

"A passive interest in their lives..." - that is a great line! Sorry about the mice - that's the worst.