Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'd like to state for the record...

*taps the microphone*


Thank you, that is all.

I almost died this morning, ya'll. I'm not even kidding. I almost died, while my kids were at home enjoying their snow day. Thank God I had Bee's truck. I must have something important to do here on this Earth because this makes about the 490754875th time in what seems like just the last week that God was lookin out for me and sent his angels to surround my vehicle. (I guess Bee was right, I do drive bad. :(   )

I left for work this morning feeling confident! No snowmegeddon was going to keep me down! I'm used to sliding all the way to work in a Honda civic with bald tires, so the fact I was going to be driving Bee's truck which weights a bajillion pounds, it also has 4-wheel drive because we're fancy. I was going to make it to work on time and NOT stressed out as I drove because, um, hello?! 4-WHEEL DRIVE! I might have even made my facebook status something to the tune of "4 Wheel drive, bitches! WINTER STORM 2011 ain't got NOTHIN on me!"

I was on the highway, cruising at a good 35mph clip, I even behaved myself and had my belt buckled, cell phone IN my purse, and instead of tailgating, I was leaving 4 car lengths between me and the car ahead. That's when it happened. I'm not really sure exactly what, because it happened so fast, but the guy in front of me hit his brakes, which caused me to hit my brakes, as another guy came flying past me on the right hand side. As that happened, he skidded and started to fish tail. I swerved to miss him, which put me into a spin. I was doing 360's across all lanes of the highway and hit the shoulder where I slid to a hard stop off in the ditch. What I can tell you is as I was spinning, two things went through my mind: One: Bee is going to kill me. He said when he handed me his keys, "Don't wreck it. It's all we really have right now.". Two: I am going to flip this bitch. Stupid Ford and your Stupid Exploders that want to flip every chance they get. Always buy Chevy!.

Well, since God finds it necessary to surround my and my vehicle with his angels every time I leave the house, I did NOT wreck the truck and I did NOT flip it. However, I WAS in a ditch, that DID have about 2-3 feet of snow in it. I panicked for all of 2.5 seconds, and then the control freak I-Will-Take-Care-Of-Myself-Damnit, mommy in me came out. I rolled down my windows so I could see the traffic perpendicular to me. I cranked the 4 wheel drive, straightened my wheels, and popped that bad boy in to reverse and hit the gas. I was propelled about 2 feet backwards, then the wheels spun. So, I put it in drive and went forward. Then, back in reverse. Hit the gas. Boom! The 2 feet from before and another foot and a half. I did this for about five minutes, getting farther and farther mind you. I would like to point out how bad society sucks. No one pulled over to help. No one who saw it happen (there were about 20 cars around me) stopped to see if I was ok. People Suck.

But God is always faithful. He sent me an angel. One gentleman stopped. He could see the tracks and the progress I had made and seemed impressed. I told him I was almost there! We waited for a break in traffic, and then he gave me one big old push on the front end as I hit the gas in reverse, and just like a new born baby, I popped out and started crying. I thanked him profusely and continued on my way. Shaken and pissed off that I couldn't turn around and go the 3 miles back to my warm, safe house, and be with the kids, but had to battle my way to work.

It's supposed to be worse tonight when I go home. Then, in the morning, they are calling for everything to be covered in 1/4 of ice. I wish my boss would close the office. I'd stay home, but I have already burned through 4 vacation days and have one and a half more scheduled off. I want to save my time. This totally makes me wish I was in fact moving to a warm climate!

And Now...Some pictures from Detroit! (Sorry for the bad quality of most of them. Our friend took them on his camera phone and apparently has the "Shakes" )

W and I in the elevator at the hotel. We "stole" a baggage cart and Bee pushed me through the halls, up the elevator, and to our room on it. It was funny

W, Bee, and I havind a few drinks

Oo! Crazy time!

This wasn't Detroit. This was yesterday, two driveways down from where I work. Bee was delivering drywall. He's in the red shirt working the boom on the truck!

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Sarah said...

Thank God you were OK! That was amazing! So good that you were in the truck.