Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ICE STORM 2011!!

Not to take away from the nastiness, but whereas I expected a "10" because of all the hype over the storm, it was maybe a "7". It is crappy out there, no doubt, but it's not "state of emergency, oh-my-God-the-Mayans-were-right" kind of bad like they said it would be. Then again, maybe there was enough notice we were just prepare so it didn't seem as bad.

I will tell you there are tons of people without power today. So many, that a lot will be without power still by the weekend. About 60 miles south of us, they opened up a shelter at the Red Cross for those without power and it was filling up quickly. So, maybe I should shut my hole and be thankful my little city wasn't hit as bad. Although, I would have been ok if the city in which I worked declared a state of Emergency...

I must give mad props to Perry, Perry Village, North Perry, and Perry Township. Way to be on the ball! They started at 7pm last night and every hour on the hour, they went down my street and dumped a metric ton of salt down my street. By morning, once I managed to get out of my 17 mile long driveway, the roads were great. Even the little side streets! I didn't really hit bad roads until about 5 miles outside of where I work. It didn't stop me from doing 25 the whole way (Ok, I did like, 45, until I got closer to work).

Today's good news is my glasses came! Well, they actually arrived on Monday, but someone had to sign for them and no one was home to do so. I asked Bee to go when he got home from work, but he was late getting home from work yesterday and they were closed. I went in late to work today so I can stop off and pick them up. What post office only works 8:30-4:30? A small town one, that's who!

Now, I just need my contacts to arrive, and Bee's presents and I'll have all my stuff I ordered! His presents shipped yesterday. I can't wait for him to open them!


Sarah said...

That stinks that you had to go in to work!
Love your new hair color! :)

Amander said...

If there is going to be a massive storm the least that could happen is work could be cancelled!

Utah has had SO LITTLE SNOW this year. I am mad that the rest of the US seems to be getting everything we aren't. I love snow.