Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How did I ever make it?

Between failing ART! ART! of all things, and American Government, Bee and I have been on J about her grades. She has been warned more than once that we were going to be checking her online profile for school and if she is not turning in her work, she is going to lose privileges one by one until she finally gets it. Well, after all that, she didn't do two large assignments in English because she didn't "get what she was supposed to do". So, instead of, you know, asking her teacher/classmates/us, she just didn't do the assignment. So, Bee and I grounded her. I told him to pick which privilege she was going to lose.

He decided she was going to lose the use of her Nintendo DSI which has totally seemed to consume her attention and every free second of her life due to the fact that she can access the internet through it. So, after a brief lecture, he asked for the DSI. She brought it down to him and then went back upstairs. Bee was going through it because he was trying to figure out how to block the internet for when she did earn it back. While looking for the function that would allow him to do that, he found her "favorites" and in there was a whole list of um...."adult" sites. We were blown away.

Ok, here's the thing. Ok, the "30 year old woman" part of me is like she is 17 and curious. Every kid gets curious and weather it's dirty magazines under the mattress, or websites that they shouldn't be looking at, they are going to look. I would rather have her look at it instead of you know, doing it. The "Mommy" part of me is all like "WHAT THE FURK?! YOU ARE JUST A BABY AND THAT IS TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE"

Then I think about myself as a teenager. I didn't have the Internet like kids now a days do. You had to dial each website you wanted to visit individually and if other people were tying up the connection, you waited....sometimes hours. We also didn't have cell phones or cell phones with texting (Not that J does, because she does not). There was no facebook or myspace, or social networking. In fact, our Social Networking was called "The Mall", and I was FAR FAR FAR worse than J. I did things that were so stupid that the "mommy" part of me shudders and the fact that I am even still alive.  In fact, I think about all the crap I did to my mother and I wonder how she didn't kill me because really? There are days when I want to grab J and shake her until the sense drops into her head!

I just hope she learns from my and Bee's mistakes. At the very least the big ones.

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Sarah said...

Gotta love teenagers. ;) Hang tough, Joy and Mike!