Friday, February 25, 2011

Strange Commute

So, Snowmageddon 2011 part 4 arrived overnight. I woke up to 6 inches with winds howling in at about 40-50 mph and we are promised another 5 inches by noon today.

"Dear Snow, I smite thee!"
So, since I took a half day yesterday off from work because our furnace crapped out (Yeah, actually, the reason why my kids haven't had heat in their rooms all winter was because the water valve that lets water in so the boiler can heat it and send it through the house to heat it, was broken. It had probably been broken since we moved in. We just chalked it up to "It's an old house. Leave your door open". Poor babies. We have real heat now!), I figured I needed to come in to work today.

The commute was strange to me. Firstly, I want to give a shout out to Bee for my two new tires. Now only 2 of the 4 are bald! That made a HELL of a difference in my commute. It was the reason I made it, in one piece, and not frazzled and white knuckled. Anyway, visibility was about 1/8 of a mile. Wind was blowing hard. The highway was two lanes, but did you ever notice when things get bad like that, everyone just stays in one lane, forming a giant line? It was like we were holding hands to get there. It was actually quite a sweet thought like, "We're all in this together. We will make sure each of us makes it!"

Then, you would have a brave soul break off, or a rouge come up from behind on the left. All by themselves now. Pretty soon, they disappear into the fog, never to be seen again! It was eerie!

At any rate, I made it to work. Took me a little over two hours to drive my 35 minute commute. Which was fine by me. It really wasn't the roads that were the problem. It was low visibility, people driving way too fast and ending up in a ditch, which tied traffic up, or people going too slow because they were scared.

Hopefully, my boss buys us lunch for coming in. He usually does on real bad weather days.

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Sarah said...

I'm with you on the "smiting snow" thing. Enough already, huh? :)