Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sunshine on my face, makes me happy!

Well, the storm is over. WINTER BLAST 2011 has come and gone, and while they are predicting another snow storm on the horizon, I am enjoying the break. The sun came out this morning! The sky was blue, and the big white puffy clouds of summer were with it. The steam from the cooling towers at the power plant (it's such a prominent thing in Perry, that it's on our city logo.) had a pretty pink and purple hue to the white cotton looking steam. It was a beautiful morning. Even if it was 9 degrees.

Like I said yesterday, I picked up my glasses on my way into work. I didn't want to change out of my contacts and into my glasses here at work because I did not have a contact case with me. While I am definitely throwing my current contacts away, I wasn't sure when my new contacts were coming in, and since I ordered everything online, I had yet to try any of them out to see if they were correct and I didn't want to strand myself at work with no way to see to drive home if something was incorrect.

Blond Hair, New Glasses, and No Makeup haha!

When I got home, I checked the mail and my contacts came too! So, I went inside, took out my contacts and threw them away and put on my glasses. I could SEE! And, they look cute on me :) Bee spent the whole night just staring at me and telling me how much he liked my glasses and how he thought I looked extra hot in them. Haha! Boys are silly :) I have yet to try my new contacts, but I am trusting that they are right because before they ship, they call your doctor to verify your prescription. If they are not right, then I at least have my glasses until I can get them fixed.

It feels weird wearing glasses. I haven't worn them in over 11 years. There was an occasion or two when I had gotten pink eye or ripped a contact and was forced to don a pair of spectacles but, since being on my own financially, I could never afford glasses, so they were always an old pair or someone else's, and therefore I could never really see. It was just enough to not kill myself. I forgot about the adjustment period of everything being "hilly" at not having perfect "360" vision. The parts outside of my lenses are blurry. Ha!

Everyone seems to like me with glasses as well, so I think they are keepers! For $56.00 (I had to bump up my lens quality because they would have been so thick they would have stuck way out of my frames, hence why they went from $39 to $56. Still, it's a steal. When I got my exam, Pearl was  running a HUGE special, and they would have still cost me $300). I HIGHLY recommend to buy your glasses. They have designer frames for cheap too, if you want fancy ones. They don't qualify for the free frames with purchase of lens, but it's still a lot cheaper. If you decide to order a pair, let me know. I have a code for $10 off or 10%  or something of that nature. I just may even buy another pair or two, just to have in case!

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