Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let me tell you about a girl I know...

C never ceases to surprise me. There are times when I look at her and I can just see the light of God in her. She is going to do great things in life, that one.  They may not be the types of things that get you famous. They might even go unnoticed to most people. I don't really know for sure. However, she will mean the WORLD to someone. She will make a DIFFERENCE to someone. And not just to her family.

Ever since I have know her, she has always been willing to help. With anything. You need a hand bringing in the groceries? C's there, carrying 17 bags, and managing just fine, thank you. You need the grass cut? C's there, with a push mower, no less. If you are making dinner, she is right there, every night, asking "Do you need any help?" In fact, most every task I do, if she sees me doing it, she'll ask if I need any help. MOST of the time. (Why she can't remember her chores, is beyond me..)

When C started school out here in our new city, she came home and told me about this club that was starting up, and could she join. It was called "Kids Care Club" and once or twice a month they would stay after school and do little service projects in and around the school and just catch a ride home on Little Man's Bus. They've sang for the elderly. They've raked leaves both after school and on days when they didn't have school. They made cookies for poor kids, and collected can goods for the needy. Currently, they are having a recycling drive and the money raised from turning in all their bottles and bottle caps will go to some Charity and so far "C" is in the lead! (Doesn't hurt that they made it a tad competitive by offering a prize and C loves her some competition...though she would have done it anyway)

There is a girl in C's glass who is severely mentally handicapped. This little girl is often laughed at, teased, and whispered about by the other kids. Not C. From day one, she went up and introduced herself, offered to let this little girl sit with her at lunch, and even not gotten mad when the little girl makes a scene and starts to announce loudly while pointing at C screaming "BEST FRIEND!" or when the little girl hugs her. She just smiles, hugs her back and says "Yes, we ARE best friends!" This all coming from a girl who was new this year. Most kids, even adults, when you are new, just want to blend in and not be noticed for fear of being labeled. My little C just didn't care. :)

Now, Kids Care Club is having an event at the school. They are staying after school to walk a mile on the track at the high school to raise money and awareness about different mental health disease. Then, they are cooking dinner for the handicapped kids, sitting with them and sharing a meal, reading stories, and then staying after to clean up. She won't be home until 7:30 at night. Because it was going to be late (that's C's self imposed bed time!), they needed parental permission. She BEGGED Bee and I to let her attend. Not, that we would have said no, but she begged before we even knew about it! When we said yes, you would have thought we just told her she could get a cell phone or something. She started doing a happy dance and "bragging" to her brother and sister what it was she was going to get to do.

It just makes my heart smile to see her that genuinely interested in human kind. I hope she retains that passion forever! 

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Amander said...

C sounds like an amazing girl!