Friday, February 18, 2011

And now, 5 months later...

I wrote this post 5 months ago. Bee was going out to his friend's cabin in the woods to shoot stuff. I was happy for him and his guy time, but bummed because I was going to be left alone that weekend and I felt like I had no friends.

Well, five months later, here we are again. Bee is going up to the cabin to go Coyote hunting. This time for the whole weekend. However, this time I really am happy for him! As for me, I am spending the weekend with my girls! Tonight I am going out to see the lovely Miss A for food and wine. Then, tomorrow morning J goes to her mom's, the other kids are going to the Grandparents of the Year, and then BFF Rose is coming out! We will be spending the day together, then going out. Who knows what kind of trouble we will get in to! :)

Happy Weekend everyone!

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Amander said...

Great job making progress at being happy for Bee and enjoying your girl time!