Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tires and Muffins

It's was a crappy day yesterday. I am "M.S'ing" (There is no need for the "P" right now. That was last week..) and a tad bit sensitive to everything. I was feeling a wee bit depressed with my brother calling me to unload his craptastic life upon me, and my sister calling me last night crying because she has to get rid of her evil little dog because apparently it attacked my old geriatric dog. This is nothing new. That spawn of Satan has been attacking my dog for the last 4 years, but I guess this last time it was baad. There was blood everywhere my sister said. Apparently, Gypsy is ok, but it was the last straw. Katie always barks at my dad, and pretty much every other male who has the audacity to come into the house or go near my mom or sister. I felt bad for my dog and bad for my sister. I even felt a little bit bad for Katie. She was a rescue from a home where she was abused. And she watched her abuser abuse his wife, too. Could be why she wants to rip the face off any male who comes near her or the females in the house.

Add to the fact that Bee had the "worstest, baddest, day ever" and as his partner in life, it's my duty (And I wouldn't have it any other way) to listen to him unload as well. Then, we went to get me a tire for my car to replace the one that blew out over a week ago. We don't have the money for this. When I say that, I mean it. We are not like most people who say that, but then charge it to a credit card and just pay it off later. A minor inconvenience sure, but it all works out. Bee and I don't believe in credit cards. It's cash (or you know, our debit cards) or nothing. If the money isn't physically there, we can't spend it. However, we were just going to have to be VERY tight until pay day. I guess the kids will eat toast instead of cereal because there won't be any milk. When we got to the NTB, Bee just went ahead and paid for two NEW tires for me (I chipped in the $50 I had).

The bill came to $200. The tires were only $140 for two, but by the time they get done raping you with taxes and fee's, it's $200. I literally cried because while I need 4 new tires, only 1 was an emergency. I had planned on just buying one a pay day until they were all new. Bee may fuss about things, and he may drag his feet doing them (we were supposed to get the new tire on Saturday..a week ago), but I can say this over any other man I have known, other than my father, He will come through. He has never NOT done something he told me he would do. He has never let me down, left me stranded, or let a situation get the best of me, even if it means he will be stressed all week until we get paid again. That to me is true love. For all the sweet nothings I have had whispered in my ears over the years by different men, he is the only one who has followed through on any of them. He might not be the type who will bring me fresh flowers "just because" or write me sonnets, (I would call him gay anyway if he did) , he is the type who just sacrificed 4 brand new NFL sanctioned footballs for the team so that I could have two new tires. And tires will do more for me than flowers will any day.

Yesterday can eat a dick.

However, today started out brighter. For one thing, the sun is out, and that makes most things better in itself. But the other was the fact that today was the day Bee and I took C to school and eat breakfast with her. The school was having an awards breakfast for the students and their families of those who made the honor roll! It was nice! My guy got to sleep in and we all left the house together! We took Little Man to Latch Key, and then headed over to the school where we had coffee (she had juice), muffins, banana's, go-gurts, and granola bars. Then, when school started, we waived goodbye and Bee and I walked to our cars where I got a kiss goodbye while I was awake enough to enjoy it! haha! We both were in MUCH better moods today because we figured, yesterday was so bad that things can only go up from here! :)


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