Monday, August 8, 2011

All up in the D...again!

We headed back up to Detroit this weekend. This time, for a game in the city of Detroit. We played our friends the Detroit Diesels! I absolutely love this team. Nothing but class, and after the games? We party :) Last time, one of the coaches promised me a Detroit hat. I figured, since it was June and we didn't see them until August, he would forget, alas, he did not! I got my "D" hat, and I am a happy girl. Add to that Lemon Pepper wings from Hooters and I am a happy girl :)

It was a good weekend, but after last weekend being an 11 on the scale of good weekends, this past one seemed to fall a little flat. They all can't be 11's I suppose ;) The Diesels beat us 52-20, but we put a hurtin on them, too. Four of their players went to the hospital. Two need surgery. :( I feel bad about that, but it is football, and these guys know what they are signing up for.

I thought I would be done with "big guy" football for awhile after this upcoming home game, but Bee has decided to sign on to another team for 4 games. At least for this team, he is only a player. C has her scrimmage on Thursday, so it will be another busy week!

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