Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It hurts so good!

School starts tomorrow. It hurts. It hurts me in my soul. However, the thought of getting back into a schedule, my kids in dreamland by nine, having them all in one place, ORGANIZATION, People...well, that feels good. Exciting. The temperatures haven't gotten out of the low to mid seventies and at night? Cool, breezy air. Not too cold you are uncomfortable, but just enough to make you say "ahhh....now hand my my coffee!" Fall is coming. Like I said, I will mourn the summery goodness, but I love this time of year just as much as I do summer. At least this time of year I can get Bee to go outside with me. :)

We had the kid's meet the teacher/supply drop off at their school yesterday. What a cluster eff that was. I took little man first. I had a good report with his teacher last year. I especially wanted to meet his new one this year because he was put in the advanced class. We found his 3rd grade classroom and holy mother of God...there was about 76 people in there. It was a mob! His teacher smiled as us and said hello. Introduced herself and little man introduced himself, and that was the last I saw her. We had to disappear into the mob of humanity and find a seat for him that didn't have a name written on it, and then he could pick that seat and write his name down on the post it note. They didn't have "desks" like last year (except for whoever sits on the end), they had tables. There was a supply checklist, which did not match the one we got from online that Grandma bee bought stuff for. There was lots of noise, lots of kids pushing their way through the crowd. Lots of adults in the way (That many people in one small space, there should have only been one adult per child in there, and siblings should wait in the hall). Little Man kind of shut down and just stood there. I kept getting jostled about and my purse would then smack some little kid in the head. I was sweating like a hooker in church (I NEVER sweat...I'm never hot) I looked at little guy and said "Wanna go?" and  he shook his head in an emphatic "YES!". We bolted. It wasn't a mandatory thing, he can sort his supplies on Wednesday.

Also, what ever happened to, "here's your list", and you buy what's on the list, and put it in YOUR desk for YOUR use? Now a days, the kids get their list, you buy it, and it all goes to the TEACHER and she keeps it put up for the one time you use it, then...what...she keeps it? I remember one of the best things about first day of summer was using your pretty-much-brand-new markers, glue, and sciccors....and if she keeps the supplies, why does my kid have to bring you in NEW?! Ugh...

Then we took C over to the Middle School. 6th grade! I remember 6th grade. It's where I went  from honors student, to barely passing. It is also where I went from LOVING school, to coming home and crying, begging to never have to go back. It's when the kids turn from sometimes mean, to brutal, hormones REALLY start flowing. Girls and Boys start talking about who is dating who, and your best friend since kindergarten becomes your biggest enemy. I pray for C. She's a good kid, and I think she has the fortitude to make it through, unchanged. :) She has some really nice teachers, and one student teacher, who all seem promising. She has a locker that is located centrally, and she is an old pro and opening them up :) I think she will do great this year!

I promised all three kids if they made STRAIGHT A's on their report cards for the whole year, I'd give them each $50 and I told J I'd give her $100 because she is older and has harder classes. We shall see with whom my money is safe, and who I end up paying at the end of the year. Grandma Bee stopped over and brought them all kinds of snack food for their lunches and for after school. It REALLY helps a lot. I wish Bee and I were in a position to where we could have those cupboards fully stocked all year long, but it's expensive feeding five people! ha!

I HAVE to have a clean house before school starts. Like, not just straightened. CLEAN. I said one room a night. Last night I started with the mud room. I swept, I cleaned, I drug and dumped out, I refolded, I re-shifted and re-stacked and it looks amazing :) I even managed to clean out the closet that has been bothering me since....well...since we moved in, AND sweep the kitchen floor. I even manged to wash all of the big guy football equipment and when it finishes drying, it will go in the big bag and into the newly cleaned out closet in the space I cleared for them. Tonight, it's the kitchen and the dining room. Cupboards are going to get cleaned, old things tossed, new things rearranged, everything will get bleached that can get bleached, and nooks and crannies will be visited. Floors will be re-swepted, and mopped. Then, Little Man and I are going to tackle his dresser/closet situation. He just got two huge bags filled with new clothes from Miss. Nicole (my co-worker), and we need space to put them all :) Thursday will be the living room and living room closet, mine and Bee's room. Saturday I plan on cleaning the green room in our room since Bee will be out of town playing in a football game all day (I have to be home to take C to her first game.) Hopefully when he comes home, he will be surprised :)

I love new beginnings! :)

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