Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School....Back to school....

I had all sorts of plans for last night. They involved scrubbing and cleaning a kitchen. Going through a certain 3rd graders school supplies, and sorting that same 3rd graders clothes. Then, Bee decided to not go to practice and stay home. Which means I needed to make dinner earlier than I planned. By the time I did that, I was dog tired and really wanted to spend time with my guy, who I don't get to see much during the week when football is going on. However, I did manage to go through the Little Man's school supplies, fold two loads of laundry, cook two dinners and clean up after them (Bee and I had cabbage and noodles. Kiddos don't like that, so they had hot dogs and noodles), and make sure all three were bathed and at the very least in their beds with the lights out by 9pm.

The alarm went off very early this morning. I got up, got myself ready, then went and made my rounds. J was up and so was C (they claim they were only awake a few minutes), then it was little man's turn. He was sleeping soundly. They all came into the kitchen and had breakfast and I unloaded the dishwasher as my coffee was brewing. I was struck by how much I missed that time with them. :) Then, it was outside on the porch for first  day pictures. I am a little obsessed with the app on my phone right now, so they are all decorated :)

                                                                            J was first
                                                                     Then, Little Man

                                                       Finally, last but certainly not least, C.

Then they went upstairs, and argued about who was brushing their teeth first as I yelled up "Ya'll are going to be LATE for the BUS if you don't put some hustle in it!!"

Ah yes, these are the special memories we will always remember.

Tonight, Bee has practice with C. Therefore, there will be some scrubbing done in the kitchen!

Welcome Back, School. 180 days left!

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