Friday, August 5, 2011

And then, he needed a circular saw!

Well, I've made it. It's Friday! Woot!

Yesterday was another busy day at work. I totally planned on writing a post when I got home, but life had other plans. I got home, just in time to get a phone call from Bee telling me I needed to have J text his mom and tell her yes, she would be picking the kids up tonight because they were not going to their other grandparents house because, well, they had better things to do. So, I assumed that there had been a conversation between them and that Grandma Bee would know what J was talking about and also, that we would probably see her sometime around the time I got back with C from football.

I needed to head up kind of early to C's practice because I needed to pick up something from Ms. T, but I wanted to update the Ram's website, and feed my other two kids. Next thing I know, Grandma Bee is standing in my living room. Apparently, there was not a conversation (well, there was, but it was like, 3 days ago) and all she knows is she got a text from J saying "Dad says to come pick us up, whenever". She was lost. I was lost. And it was too early to go get C, and she did not feel like going up there (or staying at my house) and waiting. I told her to go on with the other two and I would bring C over after practice.

An hour later, I went and got C, we stopped at home to pick up clothes for her, and headed on to Grandma Bee's. By the time I got home, it was around 9:45pm. It was kind of a bummer, because the one thing I did want to accomplish last night, other than update the website, was have a bon fire. Solely for the purpose of burning the 45872348 boxes and other assorted burnable trash I had collected in my fire pit all.summer.long....awaiting a day where I could have people over, burn it, drink adult beverages, roast marshmallows, and have it NOT dump 17 gallons of water on me and my burnables moments before setting them afire. My land lord is coming out tonight to have us sign the new lease and pick up the rent. I doubt he will pull allll the way in the back and come in for a sweet forever, but in case he does, or wants to "check things out", I want to NOT give him the impression he let the clampets move into his house.

When I pulled in though, Bee was not home from practice yet, so I thought what the heck? It is dark time, and it won't take that I started the fire....and kept it going...all on my own!! It didn't burn down as much as I wanted it too (I think it was still a little too damp), but all the boxes are gone, and it looks like a fire pit again, in stead of a trash heap.

Bee FINALLY came home, he ate his pizza I made him, and I fell asleep in his lap while watching TV. It turned out to be a pretty good night :)

Today, I woke up to be calling. He forgot to get his paycheck before leaving for the day to go out on the job site. I *need* his paycheck in the bank, today, so that I can pay the rent, that our landlord is picking up tonight. So, he called his boss and let him know I was coming by. I picked up his check, and his boss also handed me $50 to give to C for all the hard work she has done this summer in the few times she has gone to work with Bee. She will be soo excited. She can get her new cleats! I then, headed to my bank, his bank, the grocery store to get a treat and a card for a co-workers birthday, and the gas station before finally getting to work.

In the mean time, Bee is 5 minutes from my parents house. He called me asking if I could call my dad and ask if he could borrow his circular saw and an extension cord, and oh yeah, could he bring it to him. I did, and my poppy ran it over to him, but I was a little concerned because Bee sells and delivers dry wall...not installs it, so I was curious as to why a saw was needed. Apparently, he needed to cut holes in the floor to get the dry wall downstairs...hmmm...

Anyway, tonight is the start of the weekend! We are heading to Detroit in the morning and staying at our little hotel after the football game! Swimming, football and my Bee! It's going to be a great time! :)

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