Monday, August 22, 2011

Saying good bye

This weekend was kind of hard for me. I didn't really think it would be, because well...I don't really know why. I just kind of figured, it wasn't like anyone died. My parents have been talking about moving to Arizona since I started this here blog. Bee and I talked about it too, for a hot minute. However, I have known my mom and dad for now on 31 years and well...they have never gone anywhere, no matter HOW much they talked about it.

They did do more to the house that I have ever see them do, besides that one time when I was 13 and they redecorated. However, I honestly just thought that the house was going to end up with a new coat of paint, some new doors, new roof, and new carpet and that they would spend another 30+ (God Willing) in that house. And that is exactly how it was looking until about 3 weeks ago.

Poppy called and told me he had been laid off. Yeah. It totally sucked. He struggled to get this job 9 years ago after being laid off from his job of 32 years. My poppy is old (he was fat then one wants to hire old + fat). He has since lost the weight, but in stead of getting know. Anyway, for giggles, he applied at a place out in Tucson, AZ and they called him back immediately. They interviewed him via skype and really liked him. However, it came down to this. Owner guy really liked my dad, but was concerned about his lack of experience doing his job with customers (my dad is an electrician and has worked in hospitals running their electricity/maintenance departments for 40 years) and the fact that he was in Ohio. What if he got out there with his family and hated it? He would feel bad that they picked up and moved cross country for nothing. Manager/VP lady LOVED my dad. Told owner guy he would be the smartest and most qualified guy they had AND he was moving out there regardless, so it's not like they would be upset.

Manager/VP lady told my dad if he could get out there and meet face to face and have an established place of residence, they would more than likely hire him. So, Poppy leaves this week. My mom and sister and working on a few extra things that need to be done, then they are taking their car and the moving truck with everything they own out to Tucson. I went over their house yesterday to say good-bye, and to be honest....I got emotional. Especially when they were giving me a  lot of my childhood things. Dividing up their things and sending me home with dishes with sentimental value, and my dad's army stuff. Along with a journal my mom kept for me while she was pregnant with me. Needless to say, it's kinda hard to choke back those feelings.

I know that when they get out there and get settled, they will LOVE it...and we will love having a cool place to visit...but until then...I'mma cry :(

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Sarah said...

Aww...that's hard! I kind of get it because when we moved from the house that Henry, Seth and Caroline were babies in, I had a really hard time. So many memories and emotions! It has to be even more so when your parents are moving from your childhood home! I think you have it right though. It's good in so many ways, but let yourself cry about it too!