Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Well, because I had such a relaxing weekend, I must need to pay for it because my week? She has been hectic thus far and it's only Tuesday. Work has been crazy since it's the first of the month. Sigh. At least I don't have to worry about dinner tonight!

Little Man requested to stay with my parents an extra two days, meaning he would come home today. I know why he wanted to stay. My parents have central air (we do not), he gets his own bedroom there (he has one at home, but no central air), he has my parents undivided attention all.day.long, and they let HIM control the remote. Oh yeah, and the chocolate milk. My mom said he has gone through a gallon and a half of milk since Saturday. While they were at the store getting more milk, he convinced them to buy him squirt guns and more treats. He also is allowed to get a snack whenever he wants one. My mom said she caught him shoveling *5* packs of fruit snacks in his mouth at once. One thing is for sure, that kid loves to eat. If left unattended, he would eat all day. Seriously. He had proved that in the few days he has been there. C and J are not there to keep him in check, and my mom feels it's her job as a grandma to let him have at it. I don't really mind. From what I heard growing up, that's exactly the job of grandparents. However, I am worried my kid won't fit into his clothes

Anyway, my parents offered to bring him home for us so that we didn't have to drive all the way out to their house and back on a work night, and then still try and get something resembling dinner on the table. As an added bonus (and I figured she would) momma made dinner to bring with them. Woot!! I get to see my family, get my kid back, and enjoy a meal I didn't have to cook! If the weather holds off, I plan on having a bon fire too. I have boxes and weeds in my fire pit that I keep trying to burn off, but every time I go to have a fire, the heavens open up and we get about 17 gallons of water dumped on us. It's starting to look like the Clampets live there. Reinforcing that, my land lord text me today to tell me that the neighbor complained about the grass not being cut. It upset me because I have been telling Bee we need to cut the grass, but the lawn mower has been out of gas, and the kids haven't been home to do it and on the weekends, we have been out of town. In all fairness, it IS starting to resemble a jungle and we may have a mountain lion, small bear, and a village out in it as I type this. I grew up the neighborhood white trash....I don't want my kids to have to as well. Ugh.

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