Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Friday, and I've barely made it...

I am so very tired. Losing a whole hour of sleep will do that that you. Last night, I pulled "single mom" duty because I am sweet and loving, and trying to speak Bee's love language. He didn't want to stop playing football. He wasn't quite done yet. So, he asked what I thought about him tagging on for the last 4 games (in other words, half the season ) to another local team here in the area. Just a player, not an owner or anything. I told him whatever makes him happy, but don't over extend yourself and remember your current commitments that you already have made take the front seat. Playing for this other team doesn't.

So far, I have had to pick up the slack and do Taxi service, as well as cheering section for C's football between one and two times a week the past 2 weeks so he could attend his practice. It wasn't so bad when they were still on summer break, but school has started and we have a schedule to keep. Nevermind the fact that I am not going to drop her off and come back in 2 hours. It it was at Perry, sure. But it's one city away and I am not wasting the trip. Meanwhile, this means that chores at home are not getting done so when I walk in the door at 8:30, I have to cook dinner, serve dinner, make sure baths happen, check homework, sign notebooks, hear about our days, clean UP dinner, and make 5 lunches...oh, and still try to get them in bed by 9pm. Then Bee comes home and is all like "Baby, I am STARVING! didn't you cook anything?!"

Yeah, he is lucky he is cute.

By the way, he has yet to play with this team. Why? Well, because every time he goes to play, they end up canceling the game because the other team forfeited for some reason or another. C has her first game this weekend. Saturday afternoon to be exact. Bee has his first game with the other team this weekend too. In Detroit. At 7:00pm. Sigh....Bee is going to Detroit alone, and I am staying behind and doing mommy duty. I hope they both win! :)

Needless to say though, I am tired. The kids got to bed by 9:15. I say, that's not too shabby all things considering. I managed to feed Bee. Feed myself. Although, by the time I sat down to eat, I wasn't really hungry and ended up giving him the rest of my tuna on a bagel :) I had yet to really relax myself, so we sat up and talked, and then it was bed time. It was 11:30. Blah. That alarm went off in what seemed like 35 seconds. I am hoping a weekend at home will get me rested for next week. School is in full swing by then.


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