Monday, August 29, 2011

The end is just a new begginning, or some crap.

This was a football weekend for sure. Friday, we went to the Perry Vs. Riverside football game at the high school. It is a HUGE Rivalry game. We went to see our friend's little girl cheer with the big kids. I accidentally wore the rival colors too. Oops! Oh well. Perry did great and beat Riverside 27-20. Woot!

Natalie and Oliva, Isabella's Sisters Cheering HER on :)

Isabella Ready to Cheer!

This is what we think of the Riverside Beavers....

 It was also one of the few annual cluster Eff's of a schedule we run into every year. Bee's football season goes from May (officially) until August..ish...simply meaning, depending on how the schedule falls, we are usually going into about the second week of August. If we do really well and make playoffs, then we can go as late as September. Only the first year I knew Bee did we get that far. Round one, then done. Sigh.

Anyway, C's football starts end of July. Every day. I may have mentioned this once or twice. It's kind of a pain in the ass. Mainly because until "August..ish", She has practice everyday from 6-8pm, and Tuesday and Thursday He has practice from 6-8:30pm. Since he coaches her team, he is gone on her practice nights as well. It's not so bad because the the other are pretty self sufficient, but I have to run her to and fro when he is at his practice. Then, there is the very rare chance they will both have a game on the same day. Usually when this happens, the planets align, pluto is in retrograde, and his game is in like, Timbuktu...or Detroit.

Which brings us to this weekend. I already wasn't thrilled with the idea of him going to this game. Let me stop right here and state for the record, I think it is GREAT he loves football. I think it's GREAT he can still play it at 41 and not only that but still "has it" as it were, that he can START when he plays. I am so very happy that my man has something of his OWN to be passionate about and enjoy. I would NEVER take that from him...ever. I say this not for praise or awards or anything, but I give up a lot for football. I do it willingly and I ENJOY watching him. In fact, I sometimes get into it more than he does...and when he told me he was thinking of joining on with this other team for the remainder of their games this season, I really was 100% on board with that. His obligations to the Rams were fulfilled. Our season was over. If he wanted to get in a few more games somewhere else, rock on. However, I told him not to over extend himself and remember his other commitments. Namely, C's football. He took on a coaching position with them. He needs to make sure he is there.

C's first game was this weekend. Bee had a game this weekend too. In Detroit. If they won, and the team we were SUPPOSED to play last weekend lost, then, they would be in the playoffs. Or maybe it was the other team had to win too. I don't know, I just know there was some chance they would be going for a ring. My baby desperately wants some bling from his football career. He told me of his dilemma and my first thought was "YOUR DAUGHTER! YOUR DAUGHTERS FIRST GAME AS QB MEANS THE WORLD TO HER. YOU NEED TO BE HERE. THIS TEAM? THIS TEAM IS NOT YOUR TEAM. YOU HAVE NO LOYALTY TO THEM. C'S TEAM YOU DO. YOU NEED TO STAY" However, I am not going to tell him that. I told him, even though I would be super bummed to miss his game, and I was NOT Happy to not be able to go with him, I would stay behind and take C to her game if he chose to go. It took him all of 3 minutes to decide that was exactly what he was going to do. Sigh. Then, he was going to stay the night too.

Yeah. We had words about that. I told him later he needed to at least ask C what she felt. He said he did and she said it was fine....Men. I swear. Of course she is going to tell you that. You are her daddy. You are her hero. On some level, she understands...but really, she wants you there, but SHE knows YOU want to go to YOUR game, so she will tell you what you want to hear. Just like she tells her mom what she wants to hear. So, anyway....we kissed him goodbye on Saturday at noon and wished him all the luck.

C's game was at 4, but she needed to be at the field at 2:30. She got her Jersey...

We hung around and took a few snaps to warm up...

Then, the coach showed up and told us we were actually in white today...

Then, after much, much, waiting. The game began. It started off well! We chose to receive the ball. They opened the game by kicking off to us, and one of our big burly linemen picked up the ball and ran in it for a 70 yard touchdown!!!

C played offense (QB) and Defence (Defensive Tackle). She did amazing!!

After all was said and done, they WON 13-6! She was told by several spectators from both our side and the opposing teams what an AMAZING quarterback she is. How she ruled that game, and how they can't believe this is a new position for her. Her coach told Bee later that they don't name individual kids as game MVP's, or really focus on an individual player at all...but if they DID, she would have been it!

Afterwards, we went home, Bee sent me a picture of him all dressed in his uniform. He looks cute :) My baby always looks adorable...but I am still not a fan of the uniform. No offense to my Bee, because like I said, adorable, and no offense to the Saints, because they seem like a classy organization...but my guy belongs in a Ram's Jersey...
That's the wrong kind of Black and Gold, baby..
They ended up losing their game. Bee said it was bad too. 48-0. Despite that, he said he thinks he might have had one of his best games too. Makes me sad I missed it. :( After C's game we went home. I let Little man have a friend over, and C went to play with her friends and J was with her mom. I settled in with an adult beverage and all was well. I was awoken at 7am by the sounds of little man and little C playing RIGHT OUTSIDE MY DOOR! Oh em gee. 7am is too early. I came out eventually and found this...

Just a couple of guys....hangin out....doin guy things..

Awww. :) I cleaned mine and Bee's room, the green room, and our bathroom. It was in great need of a good cleaning. I threw away one GIANT garbage bag (industrial size) and one kitchen sized one. Yeah. Told you it needed it. Plus, I was killin time until I saw my baby. He scared me half to death though because he decided to take 7 hours to do a 4 hour drive. He said it rained, which slowed traffic, he got stuck in more traffic, and he just sorta "took his time" because it he was "in a mood" after losing so badly even though he played his hardest and he didn't want to come home upset and take it out on me and the kids. Nice of him, but a call or a text would have been nice. Ugh, Men. Lord knows had it been me out there alone, taking my time, he would have flipped. Oh well, he is safely home now.

We ran to the store, got school supplies "extras", and food for the week, and came home and relaxed. Bedtime came, and we drifted off to sleepyland. Next weekend is the FAIR and Bee promised to take me, so...woot woot for that :)

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