Monday, August 15, 2011

Thank God for the weekend

This weekend was a long one. I was so exhausted when I got home Friday night. Bee was too. We ended up just staying home and watching Sons of Anarchy on my laptop while he played his football game. I made some dinner and we both, while being cordial and polite with one another and having small talk, we didn't really "talk". Finally, at bed time, we turned the music on (instead of the TV), got in bed and cuddled. THEN we finally talked. And Talked. And talked some more, and we got it pretty well hashed out. We went to bed, finally, and all was well. :)

Saturday, we got up, got things ready for the football game, and eventually headed out. Things still seemed a *little* tense, but honestly, I think it was just me being hyper sensitive. After the game, we went to dinner with BFF Rose and her boyfriend, and then out for some drinks. We had a really good time and didn't end up getting home until 3am!
Bee and the Most Interesting man in the world!

Sunday we slept in, or at least I did, and then spent the day relaxing. We eventually ended up at Miss A's boyfriend's football game. We made it in time for the second half and afterwards went and had wings with the referees from the game (friends of ours). By the time we got home, all was pretty well back to normal, as I knew it would be :) I just hate feeling the way I do through the moment. :/

Scary Sky at the game
Me and Bee. He looks mad, but he is not.


Ms. A's boys :) I could squish their cheeks!

As for other things going on, C had her first scrimmage on Thursday! She did so well! She is playing 1st string QB! I realize it's a scrimmage, and they don't score them, and coaches move around their players to get a feel for what's best, BUT *I* kept track...they scored 3 times while the other team scored 2 times. That's my girl :) Her grandparents were there because her and little man were going to spend the weekend with them, and then tonight, they will take her to practice, and pick her up because tomorrow morning, they are going to see their mom. I was NOT looking forward to spending the evening hanging out with them because well...they make me think of THIS 

But, Luckily, Mrs. J, my friend, was there to keep me company and distract me with this...

Ahhh...I love babies :)

All in all, it was a good weekend. I am glad the new, fresh, week has started and we can all start again :)

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