Monday, August 1, 2011

The Best Weekend!

We had an excellent weekend! The best one in a while. Not that the other weekends were sub par or anything, just they were normal weekends :)

Bee and I were heading out of town on Saturday for his football game. We were going to play a team in Lansing, Michigan. We know not thing one about Lansing, but I googled it and..well..there still wasn't anything interesting about Lansing. Although, my mom did say (she is from Michigan) that the part of Lansing we would be in (Howell) has hot air balloon races in the summer, and maybe we would luck out and it would be this weekend.I don't know if it was, but we DID see one hot air balloon on our way home on Sunday :)

When I googled Lansing, I noticed that it happened to be about 50 minutes outside of Detroit. Detroit is where the hotel that Bee and I and our friends stayed at several times this winter. We LOVE that hotel. I asked him if he minded driving the 50 minutes back towards home and staying there. He didn't, so I booked us a room. This was after I saw that travelocity wanted $79 a night (to just call and book it, it's $189 a night) We were staying there for around $40-$50 a night this past winter. So, I thought, what the heck. I called and asked if they could do better. We got our room for $44 a night. Score!

We decided to rent a car too, because his car gets crappy gas mileage and mine gets GREAT gas mileage, but has no AC and after the trip to Battle Creek where we fought most of the way home because we were hot and irritated, we decided after saving so much on our room, we could get a rental. I am so glad we did!

Friday, J was going to her mom's for some Jehovah Witness thing. Bee and I don't like it, but it's the only time her mom wants to spend extended amounts of time with her. J seems to like it, and she's 18, so...we can't do anything about it. She wanted to leave Thursday night, which put us in a pickle because someone needed to watch the wee ones. Grandma Bee offered, and offered to watch them this weekend for us as well. Little Man shocked us all by asking to stay with MY parents. (Not that the kids don't love my parents, because they do. Just, when given the option between mine and was surprising :) ) This just tickled my mom and dad to no end. :)

Ms. Kitty Helping me with my Beer on Friday Night

I picked up little man on Friday after work from Grandma Bee's and he spent the evening with us. You would have thought that he died and gone to heaven. Normally, it's C with us alone on Friday's because J and Little man are at Grandma Bee's. He soaked in all of our undivided attention and was over the moon that he got to go out to eat with just us...and him..and he got a Chocolate shake for his drink! Then, he found out that my parents were going to a wedding on Saturday and he would have to go too, but that there would be lots of kids, food, ice cream and cake, and the best of all? SWIMMING! He couldn't wait! He packed his bag all up and went to bed as soon as we got home!

My Friend who got married, this is her daughter , Alana

Saturday, we went and got the rental. It was a REALLY nice Ford Focus. I called it Fancy Focus. It had leather seats, dual climate control important for us! Bee sweats to death when it's over 45...I like it 95...all the time!), NICE system, and it sang to you when you opened the door! Plus, it had the sync, and the blue tooth, and the SIRIUS satellite radio. We took little man to my parents house and then got right on the road (my mom was already feeding him as we were walking out the door...)

Bee and and drove the whole way up there talking, laughing, sharing,  giggling, flirting, and just generally enjoying each other. No kids, no stress, no other people with us. Just quality time. We held hands the whole way there...for no other reason than it felt right. Saturday afternoon he had his game. We lost. Same old story, but after, we hopped back in the car and drove to the Hotel. We had big plans! We were going to check in, drop our stuff off, he was going to shower and change, and then we were going to dinner, *I* picked Hooters. Why? Because I know HE would like it....and quite frankly, they have the BEST deep fried pickles and Lemon Pepper hot wings. Mmmmm...*drool*. I also got, like, 12344853423 "cool girlfriend" points because *I* asked to go there. He told his friends and they were all like "Whoa! your girl not only LETS you go, but wanted to?!" Um, yes. Really, Hooters is not bad. Girls wear less at the beach....and the mall....and the bar...these days. Plus, all the girls are really nice :)

Yes, we play this sad, too...

After dinner, we were going to hit the casino, then head back to the hotel and  hit up the pool and hot tub! However, by the time we ate we were exhausted. Spending 4 hours running around in the Direct sun in 100 degree heat will wear you out! So, we grabbed two diet cokes to go, and went back to the hotel. I suggested swimming still, but Bee wanted to cuddle. So, we did :) And well... :P

The next day, we got up, took our time getting ready, and while waiting to check out, my sister text me asking if Little Man could stay until Tuesday. Apparently, he is having a great time! We agreed, and came to the realization that we had nothing to rush home for. J wasn't due in until 8pm (but she can take care of herself), C was staying with Grandma Bee until Monday night! So, we took our time coming home. Spent the drive talking, laughing, flirting, and holding hands :) Then, Bee's brother text us and asked if we wanted to come down to see his show. It was a rare Sunday afternoon show, and we thought, what the hell? Why not! So we did!

Drunk Octopus in the bathroom tried to fight me....

We got there and had a few drinks with Bee's brother and sister in law, and then after a set, we left and came home. We grabbed a pizza, unloaded the car, and settled in for the night with a movie. We turned in early and we both managed to fall asleep instantly. haha! It was a GREAT weekend, and I can't wait to have many more!

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