Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I am feeling a little stressed...

- I am supposed to try and get reduced room rates for this weekends football game. I haven't heard back from the lady at the's Wednesday.

- I don't even have the website updated for the week yet.

- Work has been cah-razy! I haven't had the time to even take my full hour for lunch.

- C has football every night except Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday, Saturday we are dealing with Bee;s football stuff and Sunday is my one day to do everything else.

- When school starts, I lose my Saturdays and my football.

- School starts in 21 days

- I don't have any supplies bought yet

- I don't have any clothes bought yet

- Could be, because I don't have any money to spend on that.

- While my landlord is a sweet, sweet, man, dealing with him makes me mucho nervous. I have to see him Friday.

- My yard got cut yesterday and looks much, much, better, but I really need to take a weed whacker to it big time....but I don't have any more weed whacker string, and I don't know the first thing about buying some. I asked Bee, but he seemed as interested in that as he does about fixing my speakers and doing my oil change (ie: not very)

- My biological clock has been ticking loudly now for quite awhile, however lately it seems like it will NOT.BE.IGNORED! Could be that everyone around me, even the people who don't like kids, are poppin em out.

- J needs her senior pictures done. I was going to get them done when I got my summer bonus, but then she wasn't home, and I spent the money on other things because I kinda forgot. Shit...

- I feel like sometimes lately the "natural" motherly instinct thing isn't there for me. And I feel bad, because I had a great childhood and I always swore that biological child or step child/adoptive child (I always knew I'd have more kids than just the ones from my womb) would have the same caliber childhood I did....I feel like I am totally failing my kids..

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