Sunday, December 26, 2010

Out on the lawn, there arose such a clatter!

Christmas 2010? Mark it down in the books as a success!

We started out with a bit of a rough start. Mama called me on Christmas Eve. She was depressed and upset because they are having money issues and she was unable to finish up her Christmas Shopping. It's been a rough couple of weeks lately over there and she was bummed and not feeling very in the Spirit.

I told her that she needed to come out early. Bring my dad and my sister and just hang out with us. Then, spend the night and spend the morning with us too. I mean, we know Christmas is not about presents, but, in our family, we don't go anywhere on vacation, we rarely buy each other or ourselves anything throughout the year, so we use Christmas as a way to spoil each other. My family was bummed because there were only a few presents for each other, so with them coming out to our house, it seemed like there was more because my family had presents for them as well.

The kiddos and I, minus J, went to Christmas Eve service.  It was beautiful and I really missed being able to experience that on Christmas Eve and by the time we came home, my mama and poppy and sister were here. We made dinner, and hung out, and wrapped presents. Little man and I kept a close eye on Santa's whereabouts via Norads Santa Tracker. Then we set out our cookies, milk and carrots and off to bed the little ones went.

After an hour or so, Bee and I set out alll the presents, filled the stocking hung by the stairs with care, and Bee ate the cookies we left. Then my poppy helped Santa write the kids a letter thanking them for the goodies (which C pointed out right away that Santa spelled Reindeer wrong...there's always a critic in the bunch ;)  ) Then, about 1:30am, the big people turned in.

The kids had a master plan of being up at 2am. I told them their feet weren't allowed to touch the ground until 5am at LEAST. I set my alarm and when it went off, Bee said there was no way the kids were up. I said they were and he told me he was staying in bed until they got up. Well, when I got to the bottom of the stairs, they were sitting on the top waiting for me. I told them they could wake up little man and then go get their dad. We all sat and open presents and it was a great time. Then, I made a yummy breakfast of Baked French Toast, bacon and sausage. Then everyone but Bee and I took a nap.

I made dinner, all by myself too! It was fun! I proved to myself I could do it! I forgot a few things and I was a little unorganized, but all in all it was good.

I got some really nice things. We all did. I even got a new coat that I am pretty excited about. I know the kids were tickled over their things as were my parents and my sister. Bee seems to have had a great Christmas too. I was kind of hoping to get something extra sparkly for my left ring finger, but alas, no such luck. Oh well. In due time.We had several family and friends drop by, lots of food, lots of laughs, lots of good times. All in all, Christmas 2010 will go down as a Good time.

I even made it to Church today! It was a good service and I am really starting to like that church. One of the people there who have kind of taken us under their wing, gave me one of their poinsettias! Then, afterwards, I took J to the mall to spend her gift cards, and spend a few of my own. All and all, it was fun and I am one tired girl! Off to work tomorrow :/ Hope you all had a great Christmas too!

Santa Came!

Three excited kiddos before the unwrapping began!

J got a DSi!

C got one too!

Little Man got a PSP!

Bee said it's too early for pictures

C is tired...

The above two pictures are presents from BFF Rose!

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Amander said...

Wow. That's one crazy pile of presents!

Looks like a wonderful Christmas.