Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh whole lotta fun!

Do you know what love is?

Love is when you spend your evening, and evening when all you want to do is throw on your PJ's and curl up in a ball and sleep the sleep of angels, in an auditorium listing to the vocal styling of the 5th and 6th grade choir/Strings (8 kids with violins and 10 weeks of lessons)/Band for two hours. THEN, professing how it was the best thing your ear hole and cerebellum had ever experiences, and doing so convincingly.

Seriously though, C did great. I was a proud mama! I was even prouder (and a little suspicious, but mostly proud) that she asked for the skirt option when it came time to buy her concert clothes. Teacher said they could wear pants, but she wanted a skirt. So, she wore one. And Tights. And Heels. And worked that outfit AND those heels like it was her job.

The only down side was her grandparents showed up. But luckily we didn't see them until the end, so our night wasn't ruined. Seeing them instantly put me in a bad mood. Yet, I clung to Bee. Figured, give them something nice to tell their daughter. I looked reeeaaly cute last night too, so I am sure I will look nice in any and all pictures she secretly snapped of me. What's irritating? She saw the kids, all three of them and was like "Ohhh! Myyy! Goshh! I've missed you soo much!" and big hugs and "how have you been?!" ensued. Ok, she saw the two little ones last Saturday. Mike has told them time and time again they can see them whenever, just let us know, we'll work something out. The phone stays silent until an event pops up where they can show them off. As for J, they treat her like she is one of theirs to her face, yet never include her in anything they do with the other two. Didn't even add her to the Christmas card they sent C and little man.

Anyway, that was last night. I'll post pictures later. Maybe even video. But, I'll spare you too much. One can only take too much 5th grade band playing "Hot Cross Buns".

If you are reading this, and have kids (of the Santa believing age), this website is sooo cute! You can fill out a request and Santa makes a Personalized video for your kids! I've done stuff like this before, and it was lame and choppy and the personal parts were dubs that didn't match at all. However, this is smooth and flows quite nicely. It also allows you to upload a picture so they can see themselves in  Santa's magic book! If you want to peep the one I did for Bee, Here's the link. All I know, is little man will just be tickled pink when he sees Santa's message to him!

Another cool website, is this one. It lets you email Santa your list, and tons, and tons, and TONS of other cool stuff for kids to do!

Ok, that's it for now! I'm going to start packing things up for the day and start my long drive home!

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Sarah said...

That is love! Honestly, these programs at this time of the year always make me cry. :) Just had Santa send some messages to my the PNP!