Thursday, December 9, 2010

I could just die...

Our Receptionist is out for the rest of the week, so in turn, all of us in the office are taking our turn filling in.
This is normally not an issue for me, but today I could kick myself.

My boss has a lot of money. A LOT. He recently sold one of the many companies he owns for $40 million. As a favor. He could have gotten a lot more for it, but he was feeling generous and it was a company he bought because he was bored.

Anyway, he's a sweet, sweet man but tends to side a little on the ADHD side of life. He's a spazz. He "jumps off the deep end" quite a bit, and needs to be calmed down like a child. Luckily, as his employees, we usually only see the sweet, funny, loving side of him 98% of the time. However, his assistant (who is the office manager) usually hears about it if someone messes up. His assistant for some reason, doesn't like me. She used to. We used to be "friends", I guess. We always did lunch together, and we'd talk and share things about ourselves. Then, one day she decided she didn't like me and has been super mean ever since.

So, today, as I am Manning the front desk, a gentleman comes in and says he has a 9am with "Mr. Insert-my-bosses-last-name-here". I told him I didn't think he was in yet, but did he know he was coming. He said he did. So, I offered him a seat, and a beverage. In the mean time, I text my boss and let him know this guy was waiting. Nothing. So, at 9:30 (half an hour later) I text his assistant and let HER know. My boss called in a few minutes later claiming he did not have a 9am. I politely informed him that this gentleman insisted they did. He said again "No, I don't have a 9am! Who is he?!" I repeated the guys name, and my boss insisted, a little more impatiently that he DIDN'T have a 9am and had no idea who this man is. I said, "Well, he said he had an appointment with you. What should I say?" He asked to be put on the phone with the man, so I called him over and I said I have "My Bosses Name" on the phone. To which the gentleman replied, "Who is "insert-my-bosses name"? I have an appointment with "Mr. sounds-almost-like-my-bosses-name".

I almost fainted. Mr. name-sounds-almost-like-my-bosses-name has been here since 8am. Here I have now worked up my boss, involved his prickly assistant, made this poor guy wait a half an hour, and quite possibly made Mr. "Sounds like my bosses name"'s appointments for the rest of the day off by a half an hour.

My boss seemed ok when I hung up. Relieved if nothing. His assistant called in about 20 minutes later to talk to someone else. She didn't seemed phased by it, and both the gentleman I made wait AND Mr. "Name sounds like my bosses" seemed to almost laugh about it...

But I am embarrassed.

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Amander said...

That sucks! I was a receptionist for a few years and it's a tough job b/c people get so worked up about things!