Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oohhhh!!!! The weather outside is frightful!

So, only in a city bordered by a large body of water can you have weather like this. Yesterday it was 60. Today? 32 for the high. It rained buckets last night. Today, snow.

Bee asked me last night "Baby, how much more rain do you think we'll get before I need to start making us an ark?" to which I replied "not to worry, my love. By morning, it will be snow. Just like in the "Day After Tomorrow", it will change over night and we will have snow up to our eyeballs. Then, we will need lame and whiny Jake Gyllenhaal to tell us to burn books to stay alive."

Seriously, that's all I got out of that movie. Though, it was pretty sweet seeing that big wave take out New York. Oo! and that one guy fall through the glass roof of the mall.

Good Times.

Anyway, we woke up and there it was. All 2cm of it. The white stuff all over the ground. Normally, snow and I are not on speaking terms. I don't like it's coldness, or the fact it coves everything including my car, and I have to forcibly remove it from my presence. I don't like it's slick cousin "ice" either (though, I DID manage to slip and fall, on WATER in a PUDDLE in the parking lot of the HOSPITAL my dad works at yesterday. It was 60 degrees, so I can't blame the ice...)

But this year is a little different. Little Man saw the snow and was tickled pink. He ran outside and started trying to form snowballs, trying to catch it on his tongue, and belly laughing the whole time. Made me remember how much I used to love snow. So, I've decided that Snow may come and it may stay, but only if agrees to go away and take the cold and ice with it come February 1st.

I am thinking I might even go hog wild and purchase a sled.....ooohhh Lordy....

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Sarah said...

"Through the eyes of children", right? They give you a whole different perspective. :)