Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day two, and my Fever continues!

I was going to title this "New Years Eve, Eve!" But then it dawned on me, that's tomorrow.

Gosh this week is dragging :/

I still got the fever ya'll. And it's not just me. Others I have talked to are starting to feel it. Maybe it's just because Christmas is over and the new year is going to be starting. With a new year comes a fresh start and new beginning, which makes us think of spring and the new life it brings.

It is going to be warmer out today than yesterday. Not by much, but by tomorrow and the next day we are going to see high 40's low 50's. Totally unseasonable, and it's not going to last long, but it will be long enough to melt a lot of the snow we have. I can smell it coming in the air too.

Tonight, my kiddos come home. I miss them. I am sure I'll sing a different tune tomorrow, after they are hopped up on the excitement of getting to play with all of their toys that they got to play with for maybe 2 hours before Grandpa got there to pick them up. Add to that, the new stuff they got from G&G S. Bee said they asked what the kids needed, which totally is a surprise. He said they needed snow pants. Which they totally do. Little Man was able to fit into a pair from last year, but C doesn't have any. We'll see if they came through, or bought them a bunch of crap that they really don't need. Like fashion hats.

Did ya'll have snow pants growing up? I didn't and while I remember a few of my friends having them, I don't really think the majority did. I don't know. Maybe it's because I was fat, but I don't remember snow suits for me or my friends past the age of like 4. Unless they were friends of mine who skied on a regular basis. And this is Ohio, so like, in my whole school, that was one kid. And we made fun of him. However my kids are not allowed to play in the snow or leave the concrete black top at recess unless they have snow pants. I get why. The kids would then have wet pants the rest of the day and drip on the carpets. It's a totally smart rule, I'm just not used to it. Or possibly it's because we live in an area that compared to where I grew up, gets 5X the amount of snow. Either way, weird.

Also, do your kids play outside as much in the winter as they do in the summer? Should I allow this? I mean, once again I was a fat kid who hated to be cold, and hot for that matter, so I would play in the snow, once a year, usually the first BIG snow of the season, and it was for about 15 minutes, then I was done. I wanted no part of snowmen, snow angels, snowball fights, shoveling, snow forts, or sledding for that matter. It all sounded good to me in theory, but I knew the harsh reality was it was freaking cold out there, and it was colder once you were wet from the snow, and all of that was lame to me. My kids? Not so much. They would be out there non stop, all day if I would let them. However, I fear frost bite, and loss of limbs, so I make them come in for 15 minutes every hour to warm up. Maybe I am being over dramatic.

Wow, totally ran with that.

Anyway, Tomorrow my cousin is making the 50 minute drive to come out and drop their three kids off and my house for the night. My kids love their kids and vice versa and ever since early August, the kids have been asking when they can all spend the night together and play. I figured Thursday would be perfect because Bee and I have to drive out to where they live the next day anyway because our kids made plans without us to spend New Years Eve with my mom and dad, or Nonnie and Poppy as they have been so nicknamed. When I set this plan up, I figured it was perfect and I was a masterful genius because I was killing two birds with one proverbial stone. Until last night as I was going to bed it dawned on me. They have three kids. We have three kids. That's 6 total. 6 kids that need to get out to my parents house on New Years Eve. Plus Bee and I, that's 8 people. The most any one vehicle that we own can hold is 5. That means, two cars are now going to have to make the trek out to the west side of Cleveland, and back. I retract my previous claim of genius. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted.

Since Bee and I have now found ourselves kid free on New Years Eve, we made plans with BFF Rose and will be spending the night at her house. Her 19 year old son is being paid the handsome sum of $20 American dollars to drop us off and pick us up at 2:30am or whenever our old bodies tell us it's time to go back to the old folks home. I'm hoping we can hang until bar closing. We shall see. I can tell you that my plan is to go easy on the alcohol. Getting plastered and being hungover the whole next day are all well and fine when you are single, or at the very least, a childless couple who can stay in bed all day and sleep it off, but Bee and I are neither of those and I have kids to pick up, an hour drive, a house to clean, and a tree to take down. Plus, I think I will need to stop in at the store too. I can't be nursing a hangover. It's not copacetic.

Sunday is Little Man's party. I sure hope more than one kid comes. So far that's all that's RSVP'ed. I might have botched that one too because the dad asked me what little guy liked. I had just walked in the door from Christmas Shopping, after work, and picking up Little Man's friend. They were all running around and my house was a mad house. I think I may have told him among other things, a DS game. I really hope I didn't, because the girls got the DS's, Little Man got a PSP. Oh well, that's what returns are for.

It's going to be a busy next few days. I like the excitement and the activity. Let's just hope I make it till midnight on Friday night. Ha!

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Sarah said...

I think snowpants make all of the difference in the world. I've always lived in the midwest where we always have a lot of snow, so everyone I knew as a kid always had snowpants. They keep out the wet, which makes the cold more bearable. (I have my own pair too!) As long as my kids are wearing layers of clothes, and the proper outerwear, I pretty much let them stay out as long as they like. They come in when they get too cold, but when they are bundled like that, they can stay out for a long time. I usually have a teapot on the stove heating up the water for hot chocolate so that when they come in, it's ready to go. They definitely play outside more in the summer, but they've been outside a good number of times this winter break.
Have fun on New Year's! Sounds like so much fun!