Thursday, December 30, 2010

And the award for "Best Girlfriend Ever" goes to..

That's right ya'll.



Why you ask?

Well, because guess who is throwing an 8th birthday party for a little boy on Sunday with 10+ other 8 year olds running around her house all by herself?

Yes. Me. Because when I planned Little Man's birthday party, I planned it for this Sunday because besides being his actual birthday, it is the only weekend day we don't have something else going on. After I sent out the invites, I called my friend Amy and invited her, her husband, and their two little girls. She said, "Isn't that the big Browns Vs. Steelers game?"

Ya'll..I'll admit, the words that came out of my mouth were not very Christian or lady like. We are HUGE Steelers fans. Our Friends are HUGE Browns fans. The second meeting of these two teams is always late in the season, when it's cold, and the Browns are so far from a championship that the owners don't want to go to the game, and I get their tickets. And parking passes. At mid-field. The club section. Last year, it was -16 degrees, snowing to beat the bandit, and a Thursday night. I got all 32 tickets and 5 parking passes. Bee was officially known as "the man" that night, because besides our two tickets, I let him give the rest away to his players and friends.

Anyway, my boss just walked up to me and handed me 4 tickets and a parking pass. My Baby has yet to see a Steelers game live this season and with the fact that Heinz Stadium has been sold out since 1977, and to get tickets to see the Steelers at home, you are forfeiting an arm and/or a leg (I know this because I checked at Christmas for him ;) ), this will be his only chance.

So, I swallowed my sanity, and sent the text, along with a picture of the tickets and parking pass, telling him to go ahead and invite 3 friends.

When he regained his composure, he told me I was the best, and that he wishes I could go.

To that I sincerely replied, "Me too. I want to go. Seriously want to go. But then I remember last year. And the cold. Ohhhhh the cold. And my soul dies a little. You go. Be with your friends. I'll stay home, in our toasty warm house, and watch from there....and make it my mission to convince Little Man's friends that he lives with a crazy lady, as I yell at the TV" ;)

If you need me, I'll be polishing my award and looking for a place to proudly display it ;)

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Sarah said...

LOL! Love that! How cool that you can make your man and your little man so happy in one fell swoop! Best of luck and have so much fun with all of those 8 year olds...and tell little man "Happy Birthday!" :)