Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I've Got the Spring Fever..

It's not even December 31st yet. It's going to be a long winter folks, because I already have the spring fever. Of course, it doesn't help that Thursday and Friday it will be darn near 50 degrees. In northeast Ohio, well, that's just how our weather teases you. But Still, even for us that's odd. On Sunday, it will drop back down to 35. Although, that is a little on the warm side for us. Oh well, there is at least a good 2-3 months left of winter.

While Summer is my all time favorite, followed closely with Fall, Spring is up there for me. It's kind of a love/hate relationship. Spring is chilly, which is irritating to me because after the deep freeze of winter, I just want to be done already. I want to shed the winter coat, and big heavy sweaters. I want to be able to go outside in a t-shirt, or light jacket. But Spring is funny that way. It will be warm one moment, and down right cold the next. I remember one early Spring outdoor practice of Bee's last year. It started out in the mid 70's. The kids and I were over at the playground while the guys practiced over on the field. They were wearing shorts and t-shirts. Then, after about a half hour, a cold wind whipped up and blew and blew and blew for 20-30 minutes and when it died down, it was about 42 degrees outside. The kids were shivering and I was so cold I was numb. We got in the car and turned the heat on for the rest of practice!

That's the thing. It's exciting because the temperatures are warming up! You can spell the sweet smell of Summer in the air! The excitement of playing outside, long summer days and nights! Playing until 9pm because that's when it gets dark, so that's when the streetlights come on! Flowers blooming! Endless sunshine! But then, you get a front moving in, and all of a sudden, it's grey. All the time. Just like winter. It rains, and rains, and rains. The temperature dips into the 40's again. Sometimes colder. You wake up to find snow on the ground again...and get frustrated because you thought winter was finally over.

Bee and I are busy people. However, since C's football ended, we've been the most "un-busy" we will be for the year. Starting this weekend, we have plans, and are booked solid, every weekend in January. If things continue at this pace, we will have February booked as well. We're halfway there at the moment actually. Every Saturday in February Bee will have practice because indoor training starts. J is doing indoor track as well. So, we will have practices, meets, Bee's practices, Fundraisers, community outreach with both teams. Scrimmages and pre-season games start as early as April. APRIL! Then, there's Easter to consider and spring break in there as well.

I'm not going to lie, I am kind of excited. I feel like it will all start when I take down my tree Saturday afternoon. And it probably will. We have little man's birthday and party on Sunday. The following weekend we have plans with Miss A. and her man on Friday, then I will be in the "D" Saturday and Sunday. The weekend after that, Bee has a poker tournament, and we are considering going to this party at night. The next weekend is our team fundraiser, and the weekend after that we have dinner plans with a couple that we're friends with. Then? It's already February. Somewhere in there, Bee is having surgery for his hand.

I am tired thinking about it. Yet oh so excited. By the time I have a chance to stop and look around, there will be flowers blooming, and time to start my garden!


Sarah said...

I feel your pain. Winter, although it is beautiful, is much too cold for me. It is my least favorite season. Spring is my favorite, despite how it seems to tease. I love the promise of all of the good things to come. Everything is so new and fresh. Oh man...now I have spring fever too!

Amander said...

I'm a winter fan. In fact, I get a little depressed when Spring kicks in to gear.

Right now I am enjoying the 12 inches of snow we got last night and our "high" temperature of 22*. And tomorrow our "high" is 17*!