Friday, December 3, 2010

Detroit Rock City!

Ok, I apologize for my little (ok, LONG) rant yesterday. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program :)

Guess what, blog world?! I'm heading to the "D" this tomorrow night! Yes, good ole Detroit. Now, some of you are probably thinking, "Ew. Why?!" And to you I say...

"Shut up."

In the nicest possible way of course :)

I have several of my closest family members who live there. Including one very adorable God daughter! All of whom I have not seen since last Christmas. Also, the league that Bee's new team is going to be in is based out of Detroit and they are having a meeting this weekend. The meeting is on Sunday, but Bee and I wanted to go up a day before and hang out with my family so he can meet them. Then, all of us "young" folks are going to go out for a few adult beverages at the same little hole in the wall bar we always go to when I go up there.

I am so excited for Bee to meet my family and hang out. Get to know my cousins and grow to love them as much as I do and vice versa. Especially since we will probably be seeing a lot of them come summer since a lot of our games will be up there. We are also staying at the Double Tree Hotel. Um, Hello fabulous. Their beds are to DIE for. I had to stay at the one near my old house one time for a "you really shouldn't drink and drive" class, and their roll away bed was more comfortable than my $800.00 mattress set at home! Plus, their food is good too. And, I've never stayed at a hotel with Bee before. It will be nice and kind of romantic :)

As for the kiddos, Mama and Poppy will being coming out to stay with them. They are excited and so are the kids. Mama already has the menu all planned out. That's so my mom. Everything revolves around the food. Ha! But the kids don't mind. They like that. Plus, there was something mentioned about baking a gigantic cupcake in my sister's gigantic cupcake pan. Little Man will be in his glory!

As for tonight, we are super busy as well! Bee and C are going to her father daughter dance tonight. Then, after that's over, we are heading downtown to go see Bee's brother's band. Then, after a set, heading out to a bar for a friend's birthday. After all that, I hope we aren't out too late. I want to be on the road early on Saturday.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I'll probably post from the road!

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Amander said...

I've never been to Detroit, but I've only heard good things. Have fun!