Monday, December 6, 2010

I need about 16 more days

Of sleep. For reals. Oh what a busy weekend! It's going to take at least 3 days to get back on our schedule.

Friday night, I got home and my mama was already there. She had dinner made (score!) and for that I was thankful. We ate, Bee and C left for the father daughter dance with C winning the whole pants vs. dress battle. However, she had to concede on the hoodie. She convinced her father that they didn't have to be real dressed up because her friend said so. Bee later text me to tell me that C and her friend were the only two girls NOT dressed up like it was senior prom and that him and that little girls dad were the only two dads not in a suit.

Apparently, it was packed though and they had a good time. Him and his friend Rob stood against the wall like they did in high school being "too cool" to bust a move, while the girls all ran around and boogied. Bee told me later, that he was horrified to see stripper moves, booty bouncing, and "dropping it like it's hot" from a group of pre K-5th grade girls. I was horrified too.

He came home and we were both exhausted, but we promised Bff Rose we'd come get her and take her with us to go see Bee's brother's band, and then out to this bar where our friend was celebrating his birthday. We did end up attending both the concert and the birthday party, scored free Taco Bell from BFF Rose, and then dropped her off and dragged our tired butts home where we fell into bed at about 4am.

8am we were up. Mama made breakfast, and so we ate, then headed out to the "D"! Our friends were running late and I felt bad because I really thought we were going to be on the road and at my aunts house by 11:30am. We didn't even LEAVE until 1:30pm. We made it there by 4pm, checked in, and everyone was tired. We headed over to my aunts for a bit, then went to grab dinner, planning on meeting my cousin later. Well, after dinner we were just too tired. So, we canceled going out and went to bed instead.

Can I tell you, it was one of the best nights ever. Bee and I went back to our room and crawled in bed. The beds were soooo comfortable and so were the pillows. And we just spent quality time together. No Xbox, No laptops, no text messages. No Distractions. Just us. We laughed, we giggled, we talked, we had a blast. Then, we drifted off to sleep and slept until 9am the next day. We got ready, checked out, had breakfast, and then came back to the hotel for the meeting. When they were done, we hit the road and came home.

We were so tired, but then we stayed up and watched the Steelers game. Holy S. I almost had a heart attack like 6 times. From my chunky monkey Ben getting punched in the face and having his nose broken, to Heath Miller getting a helmet to helmet blow that snapped his neck back so hard it caused him to pass out before hitting the ground in a crumpled heap. Where' the fine for that, NFL?! Hmmm?! In between that, I was cleaning, and straightening, because my mom was there all weekend and she, like a typical Grandma, doesn't make the kids do anything. They can eat in the living room and enjoy all sorts of debauchery. Which is ok, because that's what Grandma's are for. Unfortunately, it leaves a path of destruction in my house that I can't sleep knowing about.

And now the work week begins. We have C's winter concert, which means dealing with the ex's parents. Awesome. Oh yeah, and all the snow. Wee!   

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Sarah said...

Your mom sounds so sweet and supportive...God bless her! I laughed when I read about the father/daughter dance. C sounds just like my niece, Evie. She is all about the sports and can not stand getting dressed up. :) And how cool that you and Bee stayed in like good to have that time together. :)