Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

Merry Christmas, Ya'll.

It's been a busy few days. Tying up lose ends before the big day. Yesterday, we had a friend of Little Man's over for a few hours. Can I just say, that God has bless Bee and I with such good kids. Like, REALLY good kids. I mean, this little guy that came over wasn't bad. He was just a typical, 7 year old, little boy. He was impatient, borderline rude, kept lamenting about how bored he was, and how awful it must be for the kids because there was no video games or computer games to play. How it wasn't fair that he couldn't have open reign of our house, and how really, he can't believe with all the "money" we must have with our "huge" house, why our kids don't have all the video games in the world. Why can't we play the perfectly good XBox hooked up in the living room. So what if it's Little Man's "dad's". HE is certainly not using it! (Bee was out Christmas Shopping for me. I was thrilled he was doing it "early" by Bee standards...but then today, I remembered, the Steelers game comes on tonight. HA!)

I know I just made this kid seem totally rude. And, he kinda was. But, you could tell he was genuinely curious about the above things. He didn't mean it in a rude way, because I am sure he doesn't know any better. From what I can tell, and I really don't mean to pass judgement on the little guy, because I am not, just making observations, his mom and dad are gone a lot. They "scrap" for a living. So, essentially, you have to be willing to work 24/7 because if you aren't, someone else will, and there is no loyalty. He's got two older brothers who look like they raised themselves, and are raising each other. I said he could come over last night and asked his mom on the phone, who seemed confused as to why I would need to talk to her, someone I have never seen or met, before allowing her son into my home, what time she wanted him home and her silence was that of a mother who maybe didn't expect him home, ever. She ended up saying, "uhhh....ummmm....I guess whenever". When I picked him up, he was carrying a backpack that was bigger than him, pack to the gills. Later, I found out it had clothes in know, in case he was going to spend the night....or 8.

He really was a cute kid. Maybe could learn a manner or two, but all in all, had fun doing something he probably never got a chance to do. Use his imagination. Little Man had fun playing with his friend and C did too. They all asked when they could play again, so I suppose in kid land, that means all was a success.

As for tonight, Our Friends Rob and Amy's two little girls are being invited to spend the night. Amy hasn't answered me yet, but as the PREGNANT mother of two little girls under 6, I am sure they will be more than happy to get a little peace for one night :) Bee and I don't mind the company. Keeps the kids busy and they have a great time with those two little munchkins. Besides, gives me a little practice. Bee and I are going to start seriously talking about one of our own come January.

My cousin's three little ones are coming over the week between Christmas and New Years. I think it's important that they get to have friends over. They never did at the old house and when I was growing up, my friends were ALWAYS over. They really liked my house because of how welcoming it is. I want my kids to feel the same way :)

On top of all that, I have Christmas to prepare for. So, it will be a busy next few days. I will surely try to update, but if I don't, I want to wish everyone in Blog land a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Amander said...

Merry Christmas! Hope it's a lovely one :)