Monday, January 24, 2011

Back from the dead! Sort of...I think...

Well, Sickness finally won out.

I woke up Thursday morning and I couldn't swallow. When I tired to speak, all that came out was dust. Ok, not really on the dust but, that's what it felt like. No sound would come out. I was exhausted. I resigned myself to staying home. Hearing that there was going to be mass amounts of snow and temperatures in the single digits made that decision a lot easier. I got the kids off to school, took little man to latch key, and came home and went right back to bed.

I slept like the dead for 7 hours. I awoke when Bee came home and checked on me. He made me some soup, that I ate while watching my new favorite show on my netflix instant-play, Friday Night lights.

(Ok, little aside here. How come I always get interested in good shows when they have either been on for umpteen years therefore being SUPER late to the party, and/or, in this case, after the show has been canceled?! I suck)

After eating soup, and dragging myself out to the living room, I sat in my chair with that "I'm so sick that I am now staring off into space with glazed over eyes" look, and Bee finally told me, "Baby! Go back to bed!" And so I did. I took a nice heaping shot of "the green death" and went to bed. Where I slept like the dead again until my alarm went off at 6am the next day.

On Friday, my throat still hurt, but not as bad as the day before, and I was STILL exhausted, but I did feel better. I considered going into work until I found out that it was nine degrees. We also had a fund raiser for the team Friday night and as it was, I was going to have to hustle to make it home in time to jump in Bee's truck and head out the west side. So, I decided one more day to recoup wouldn't be so bad. Got the kids off to school and went right back to bed. I slept until 1pm and then took at shower. It did wonders for how I felt! I felt alive! I felt Human! My throat didn't hurt, my voice was mostly back! So, I got ready to go party with my guys!

The fundraiser was a great success! We had over 80 people! I felt great, and we stayed out past 2am! I came home and went right to bed. When I woke up on Saturday I felt like death warmed over. Partly because of my hangover, and partly because I felt like I was getting an actual cold. By mid day, I had the runny nose, watery eyes, the oh-my-gosh-I'm-gonna-sneeze tickle behind my nose that prompted the watery eyes and nose, yet, no sneeze came. Then, then finally did come. And by dinner time I felt miserable. We ate, watched a little TV, and then I went to bed.

Sunday, we had church and a potluck afterwards. I had to go because I signed up for salad. However, I felt good. In fact, I felt good all day long. We watched the Steelers win the AFC and then shortly after that, the water works started up again! I ended up taking a heaping shot of the Green Death and going to bed. I slept like the dead again, but felt decent this morning.

We'll see how long that lasts....

I HATE being sick....


Amander said...

Yikes! Colds like that suck. Hope you start feeling up to your normal self soon!

Sarah said...

Wow...that hit you hard! Glad you are on the upswing!