Thursday, January 27, 2011

Greenbacks and Hair dye

Well, you would have thought I won the lottery when I got the text message that my tax refund had been deposited in my account. I think there is still smoke coming off of my bank card! It's ok though. I mostly used it for things I need, and a few I wanted :)

I never buy myself anything besides an occasional cup of coffee or lunch at a fast food place from time to time. I just feel guilty buying myself a new outfit (which, I don't need. I already have a closet full of clothes I don't wear) or anything else for that matter that costs more than $20 because I am in charge of this family's finances and if we need something and the money isn't there, then I would be horribly upset. Hence, why I got an eye exam for new contacts in July, yet never bought the contacts or glasses. I've been wearing the trial pair! We just didn't have the money, what with moving, and the kids starting school, and a couple of bills  popped up on us unexpectedly.

So, when Christmas came, I spent my bonus on the family so we could have a Christmas. I will do the same in July when I get my next bonus. We'll probably do another little trip to Cedar Point. Probably buy the kids a few summer outfits, and get my new cell phone. But my tax refund? That's mine :)

This trial pair of contacts is about at it's end. I need to see, so I figured I would get contacts when my money came. Unfortunately, I now have an astigmatism, so my contacts went from $20 a box for 3 pair to $40 a box per EYE. I've also discovered that as I am getting older, I prefer glasses sometimes. Mainly at night, after I get home, or in the morning after a late night out. However, I haven't owned glasses in over 10 years. They are SUPER expensive and I usually just passed because I did not want to pay $250+ for something I would only occasionally wear. I figured, now was time time though. Bee promised I could get good deals at Walmart's eye center. I could get frames as low as $10! So, I went on the hunt yesterday. I ended up buying my glasses from! I paid, are you ready for this? $38.95. Yes. That's Thirty Eight American dollars and Ninety Five Cents. I got the second from bottom package for $33.00 with cute frames, that were FREE because I bought the lenses through them. Then, I picked the 7-10 shipping for $5.95. It was a STEAL and they were super nice when I called with a question.

Then, I headed over to and bit the bullet and bought contacts. I got one box for each eye that should equal 6 pairs. That was $98.00. I was floored because for the first time ever, my GLASSES were cheaper. I am a total bargain shopper too, so don't think I bought my contacts all willy nilly before shopping around. was the cheapest by far. Those will also be here in about 7-10 days :)

I went to Walmart last night and picked up a few things we needed, but put off buying because they weren't really "Essentials", some calcium pills because I ran out yesterday, and some lunch snacks. Other than they cashier forgot to give me back my bananas, It was a good trip. I also got Valentines day chocolates for Bee's Valentine's Day Bag when his gifts come!

I came home, threw the pizzas in the over that I bought, made lunches, book our room for Detroit, Checked the shipping on the Shirt I ordered to wear at the Super Bowl Watch Party we are going to, and settled in with my family. Bee woke up around 7:30pm and sat with us awhile before leaving for practice. Then J and I set about dying her hair.

J has wanted to dye her hair for awhile now. Her mom would never allow it, but Bee and I don't have a problem with it as long as it's a hair color that can be found in nature. She is 17 after all. Not to mention, what refueled J's desire to dye her hair was after Monday's visit with her mom, she discovered her mom and younger sister had dyed their hair the same color. So, now it was her turn. I picked out a nice Burgundy color (she said she wanted a red in the "auburn" family, and the color I picked is a color I dyed my own hair several times) She was so stoaked she could hardly contain herself. When all was said and done, her hair was a beautiful shade, and it was all blow dried straight and she couldn't have been happier! It was after 10:30, so she went to bed and I curled up in my bed and watched an episode of Friday Night Lights. I woke up sometime when Bee got in bed and he cuddled me like his life-sized body pillow. I'll tell you what, the one thing I really dislike about late practice like this is I miss going to bed with my Bee :(

Oh well, TONIGHT! :)

I am so very much looking forward to dying my own hair tonight, getting in bed with my guy tonight, together, and our overnight stay in Detroit! I love that Hotel, and I love spending time with my guy there!


Amander said...

That is an AMAZING price on glasses! I understand the pain of having to spend $$ for it. I actually wear my glasses a lot now - my eyes just can't take it.

Sarah said...

LOVE tax refunds! So cool to be able to get those things that you've been needing, and WOW...great leads on those glasses and contacts. I have to check that out!
And SO COOL that you did that with J. :)