Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Eleven Eleven

I'm back!

I told you it was about to start getting crazy! Last week was kind of rough for me because I was getting used to being literally STARVED from caffeine. I haven't broke it all together (I love Chocolate and Diet Coke too much), but I did cut way back. In the last week, I've had no more than one cup of coffee a day and/or one Diet Coke a day. This weekend, I got a little crazy and had one 6oz cup of coffee from the continental breakfast at the Hotel, and a 20 oz diet Coke in one day. In between those two though, I had about a gallon of water :)

I have kept an eye on my eating, but I am not on a "diet". I want chocolate? I eat it. I want chips, I eat them. however, I only have a few, or try at least. At dinner time, I try making things a little healthier. I am trying to incorporate rice more into our menus. More stir-fry, lean chicken, shrimp (for Bee and the kids). At any rate, something seems to be working, at least a little bit. I am losing weight. Down a total from Thanksgiving of 10 lbs.!

I would like to start working out, but honestly, I don't know where to begin. I really want a membership at our fitness center. They have EVERYTHING. It's $75 a person, or $200 for the family. I would want the family membership because Bee and I can go work out and the kids can play or swim. The downside is, coming up with the $200 and finding time to go there. They are open from 5am-9pm, but going early means by myself, and going after work means, after making dinner, getting lunches done, and cleaning up the kitchen, we're looking at almost 8pm. I can barely drag my butt to the chair at that time. There is always the weekends, but that's when we're real busy. There is always the option of working out at home with a DVD or whatever, but, well, I guess that's what I need. ha! Hmm...Maybe I'll check out what they have at the library.

I just hope this lasts. I usually get all excited like this at the beginning of the year, only to give up by Spring. Wish me luck!


Amander said...

I actually really enjoy going to the gym, but finding the time can be tough - especially when you add on the travel time to and from. I finally just got an elliptical machine in my house and I do that 6 days a week. It's not the same as having all the machines and variety (which I really do miss), but I guess it keeps me getting cardio, at least.

I also did the Wii Fit really consistently for about 6 months a while back - that was fun, too!

Sarah said...

Best of luck, Joy! And 10 pounds, YAY! We'll have to encourage each other, huh? :)