Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day one?

This is how I started out my Monday. First day back after the long holiday weekend. A day in which, I thought the kids were going to be in school, but alas, right before I sent them to bed, realized they were not.

Well, actually, Bee started his day out with that. He was live and center stage for that while on a job site. I merely enjoyed it from my phone. But still, I feel like in this picture, God is saying, "Psst! Hey! Wake up! Good morning, world!" in the nicest, most cheery tone. Like how my mom would try and wake me up for school in the mornings. Except, instead of wanting to punch God in the face for darkening my doorstep as it were (I'm not a morning person. Poor Mama) I am actually happy and peaceful!

As far as my resolutions, I DID go to church on Sunday. I enjoyed it :) I really had more things that could have used that hour and a half that day, such as get the house  ready for Little Man's party, I figured God comes first, and he would provide me plenty of time. And he did :) Besides, I will be out of town next week for Church. Don't want them to think I gave up on them :)

As for better work habits, well, that's kind of why there was no post yesterday. I was working and catching up. Now, you'll say "but today, you are back at updating the blog instead of working!" Yes, I am. However, as soon as I am done here, I will start on the tasks before me!

I have not had time to really save any money yet, but I'm working on it. I did manage to control my need for "over-buying" at the grocery store on Saturday, so that is a step forward. Once Bee starts getting his whole check again, we can start actively saving!

This morning was the kid's first day back. Yesterday was kind of rough on them though, so today started a little bumpy. Bee and I decided that since chores were not done for 2 weeks because the kids were not really home, that they needed to be done while they were home on Monday. All three of their rooms were a mess, but C and Little Man's room's were a disaster area! I left a detailed list of things to do while we were at work. Now, lest you think we are whip crackers, the list consisted of clean your room, clean your bathroom, bring your laundry downstairs, vacuum the steps, and dust. I keep the house pretty tip top, so the big one was clean your rooms.

In a shocking turn of events, J was the only one who listened. Though, she did wait until the very.last.minute. to do it because she was on Facebook, it still was done, and done correctly by the time Bee and I got home. Little man? Didn't even TOUCH his room. He ignored the task all together. C only started when Bee got home and got on Little Man. She was too busy outside playing all day. Bee made little man clean his room with the door open and TV off (he gets distracted and starts playing...or watching TV). Apparently, he's been eating in his room and shoving the wrappers in his dresser. The whole situation irritated me. I mean, I know they're kids. I know I did the same things as a kid, but still. So, instead of having a nice family dinner, popping popcorn, and watching our new movie that they got for Christmas that they have been dying to watch (Despicable Me) They cleaned.

Then C got yelled at for drinking in the living room and lying about it. Then I jumped on her because she is 10 and at that age where it's freaking hilarious  to scare the bejezus out of her little brother. And when he doesn't want to hear her scary story, she tells him he's a big baby, and since he's 8 now, he's not a baby, and doesn't want to be seen as one, so he stays. Then gets scared. And cries at bedtime because of the evil clown that will kill his mom (the poor kid already has mamma issues) and duct tape her to his ceiling and write "BEWARE! YOU'RE NEXT!" in her blood. I told her if she does it again, I will go upstairs, WAKE her up (because she goes to bed at 7pm...on her own) and she will sit up, awake, all night long in Little Man's room while he sleeps. I will set my alarm for every 15 minutes and I will go and make sure she is awake all night. It won't be so funny then.

By this time, between all the scolding from both of us, being tired, and not wanting to finish up her room, she started to cry. Then told her dad she missed her mom. Which breaks my heart, even though I know she will always miss her mom and it's no reflection on me and that if it were my own flesh and blood daughter, and I was yelling at her, she'd miss her dad since HE wasn't yelling. Bee told her it's ok to miss her mom, but it wouldn't stop her from being punished. If her mom was there, she'd punish her too, but she's not, and she doesn't see her all the time, so she gets to always be the happy, "fun" (well, as fun as you can be in prison) parent. However, this whole situation wouldn't be happening if her mom didn't do what she did.

After that, C helped me take down the Christmas decorations, she went to bed, feeling better, I rearranged the living room some what and am now waiting for my pictures to come in that I ordered (hopefully should be today) because I have space to hang them now. and I sat down for the first time since I walked in the door. It was 10:30pm. Although, the one bright spot in the night, besides taking down the decorations and organizing my living room to where it looks so nice now in there I could just pee, is I made Bee and the kids Shrimp Alfredo for dinner last night. First time I ever made it. First time I ever cooked shrimp. First time I ever made Alfredo sauce, and I made it without a recipe! And it was to DIE for! Well, the sauce was, I'll take Bee's word that the shrimp was too. I don't eat fish. Period.

Anyway, I have been looking forward to this day for two weeks. The real problem with yesterday was the fact that the kids have been overstimulated since Christmas Eve. They spent 6 days with their Grandparents who let them rule the roost, and give in to yelling over everyone and whining as a way to get your way, and there have essentially been no rules (or chores for that matter) for two whole weeks. Little Man spent the first 3 days crying and whining every 15 seconds. We had to end THAT real quick. C was getting a little big for her britches too. I guess last night was just the big melt down we needed to re-establish the pecking order in our house, put everyone back in place, and thank GOD for the return to our schedule today. It went off pretty much without a hitch this morning. Matching track suit/lunch bag and all! Here's to day two, and normalcy!

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Nice job working on your resolutions already :)