Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day two....the struggle continues

Other than being super tired, and not being able to talk or swallow without my throat feeling like the fires from the 7th layer of Hell have fired upon it, I feel fine. Our receptionist is mad because I am here at work spreading my germs. Well, Hello Dolly! How do you think I got sick in the first place?!

It's a rule here, and we've had meetings about it, if you are sick, STAY HOME! Sickness flows through our office like the Viet Kong through a series of interconnected tunnels. Yet, someone, usually my BOSS, the holder of said meetings, gets sick. Then, they come in and suffer for a day or half a day, long enough to infect us, and then they go home. Next thing you know, the whole office is sick.

I refuse to waste my sick time on being sick. Especially so early in the year and when the sickness was caused by someone at work. I have survived 3 rounds of the stomach bug and two pretty nasty colds that went through my house. One girl at work comes in with a scratchy throat and a cough/cold combo on Friday, that she got from the boss, and now I have it.

I will not go home, if anything, because of the principal of the thing.


Amander said...

I'm actually home sick from work today - and I will be tomorrow, too.

I HATE taking time off work for being sick - I feel so guilty for not being at work (and then playing "catch up" sucks, too).

Which is probably why I have more sick time accrued than I could EVER use (barring a chronic illness).

Hope you feel better soon!

Sarah said...

Wow! This hit you hard! Hope you feel better soon. :(