Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday 13!

The first one of 2011! Yay! This is what you call not having the mental capacity right now to compile words and phrases into complete sentences, and therefore forming paragraphs. I could do it, I suppose. However, it would be like these 3-4 sentences and not make much sense. So, I'll do a Thursday Thirteen!

1. Bee and I are heading back up to Detroit on Saturday. When, on the other hand, is debatable. He keeps agreeing to be places that day and when I remind him we are leaving, he says "We don't technically have to be there until Sunday." Whateves. I am just looking forward to alone time with my guy. Feeling kind of starved for attention between, work, the kids, football, XBOX, and sleep.

2. I went back and forth on weather or not to tell my family up there I was going to be in the area again. I finally decided to NOT say anything unless I find myself bored to tears for several long hours. That will be a judgment call when I get there. The last time, I thought we would have plenty of time to visit, and we'd all hang out that night. We didn't get there until late, we visited for about 3 hours until we were dying of hunger, and by the time we ate, it was getting late and all 4 of us just wanted to go back to the room and sleep. I told my family that and they seemed fine with that, but then I heard from my mama later, that my cousin was upset because I didn't stay long, and I am "So far up her boyfriend's butt that she can't do anything without him, and what he says goes, and she can't go even two steps away from him." Um. I sat, across the room, on the couch with her the WHOLE time, and talked, while he sat at the table with my Aunt and Uncle. Whatever. And Honestly? Hello kettle, meet Pot!

3. Still don't know who is going to watch the kids while we go. I told Bee my parents have done it the last 3 times. I am not asking them again. Especially right now. I don't think they even have the money to put in the gas tank to get out to my house. Bee said he'd ask his mom. I told him she was having surgery this week and probably would not be able to do it. He waits until last night to ask, and she said no. She needs her rest (rightly so). Now, we are two days from departing and no babysitter. Oh well, we'll figure it out. We always do.

4. I can't wait for my W-2 so I can file my taxes and get my rebate. I need glasses and contacts.

5. I think it's cute that, like today, Bee went home sick, and he called me on his way home, and whined about his woes, and how his tummy hurt, and how his head hurt, and how he was so.very.cold. I told him to go inside, get my heated blanket and curl up in bed. He was like a child. It was cute :)

6. I have been taking my vitamins and making sure I drink at least 8 large glasses of water a day. It's kind of a chore, but I drink way too much pop and coffee. I need the water. Besides, I heard on Dr. Oz that if you are robbing your body of water, it steals from your liver (my poor poor liver has been through enough!), which basically halts your metabolism. Drink water, it jump starts it!

7. I am officially creeped out by the mass deaths of  the birds. There was the finding on New Year's Day of the 3,000 or whatever, and the 100,000 fish. Then two days later, more dead birds, and now hundreds of thousands of dead fish over the world, and more dead birds in Sweden. As my co-worker says, "make sure your spiritual bags are packed". Amen, sister. Amen.

8. We played Sorry! sliders, Jenga, and Connect 4 on the XBOX last night. It was a lot of fun!

9. I am sad that only 2 classmates showed up to Little Man's Party.

10. He didn't seem to notice, or mind, but I did :( He DID have my cousin's 3 kids and our friend Rob and Amy's two little girls, but still. I ran into the one little boy's mom a couple of days later. She was a room mother with me and in October, Her little boy had a birthday party and Little Man went to it. Anyway, I thought we were going to become friends because she seemed so, my type of person, but she acted like she didn't even know who I was.

11. I am on cupcake duty again. Little Man wants to take in chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. He's only been counting down the days until HE can bring in cupcakes since the first day of school. I have gotten an updated student count every three weeks now...

12. I smell someones banana. It smells Divine. It makes me want to be on a beach, drinking tropical drinks.

13. I want a nap. I have been so tired. I am taking my vitamins, but I am thinking it's because I cut back to one cup of coffee and one can of diet coke a day where as before, as much as I threw both down my gullet, I might as well had an iv in both arms.


Amander said...

The bird thing totally creeps me out, too!

I hope your weekend works out!

Sarah said...

That thing about your of my sisters was very offended that my other sister, who lives in Texas and has 4 small children, did not spend enough time with her on their visits with us. My thinking has always been that my Texas sister is doing the very best she can and has her priorities in line (her children come first). She has a lot going on, and during her visits, I am grateful for the time she can be with us. This is a season in her life where she is very busy with her kids and her husband, and I am happy that she is doing so well by them. We email and text eachother as well as talk on the phone, but sometimes those phone calls last only a couple of minutes. I get that because I'm a busy mom too. Bottom do what you can to let each other know that you care, but that care is not going to be measured in quantity right now. :)

And as far as little man's birthday...I am so glad that he didn't notice or care, but I also think that it is a measure of your love for him that it bothered you. You are such a good mom. I wonder if part of it was that people still had other commitments with finishing up holiday of my friends who has two children with "during the holidays birthdays" experienced the same thing. She wound up delaying their parties until mid-January. Who knows? Maybe that will help.