Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I often make it a point not to make any resolutions. I am not a big fan of commitment. I don't like to be locked into anything.

Well, except of course my loving relationship with Bee. Ha! But I don't see that as "locked" into anything.

Anyway, moving on.

I did make a New Year's Resolution 2 years ago (January 1st) and that was to quit smoking. I am proud to say, I quit, half heartily actually, cold turkey and haven't had one since. I have no desire to have one, and probably won't ever again.

I don't know if it's the fact I am getting older, of what, but I feel like I need to make myself some goals for the coming year. I also think I need to write them down in order to be accountable. Even if it's to myself.

So, without further ado, here is my list for 2011.

1. Church. I would like to keep going regularly. I knew I missed it, but didn't realize how great it would feel to be back again. I would like to grow my relationship with God, and through him, strengthen the bond between Bee and I as well.

2. Better Work Habits.  My job is boring. Monotonous. And I really do tend to take advantage of the laid back atmosphere. I do my job, but I really don't go above or beyond. I need to be better at that.

3. Save money. Bee and I make decent money. I would like to be able to travel, and have a little bit of breathing room when it comes to money. Plus, if we are going to have a baby, it's going to cost us some dough just to get pregnant.

4. Eat more healthy. We eat so much better now then we did when we lived at the old house, but I would like to step that up even more.

5. Plant a garden and grow my own veggies and herbs.

I think I will keep it at five for now. :) Let's see in a year from now how many I actually did :)

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