Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Snow. Day 5. Ugh.

We are being pounded. We got almost a foot and a half overnight. It's called lake effect snow. Ya'll don't know anything about that. Well, maybe you do. It's super fun to slide all the way to and from work in rush hour traffic on semi bald tires for 23 miles one way. Awesome.

Anyway, we had a GREAT weekend. I realize it's Wednesday and I am just now getting to last weekend, but I've been busy, and tired, and I tried to talk about it in yesterday's post, but I went off on a tangent about my weight loss. :)

Friday Bee had his first indoor practice of the season. I can't believe it's that time already! It was fun. The two of us headed downtown to the dome and I got to see my boys I haven't seen in a few months. There were 25 guys there! That's awesome for pre-season! The coached started on time and ran those guys hard. I thought Bee was going to pass out at one point. I sat and watched with the trainer and her friend. Then, we left, grabbed some grub and came home.

In the morning, we got up and while Bee met with the other two owners at the bank, I packed our bags and the kids packed theirs. We drove through the blizzard to Grandma Bee's house and dropped the kids off. Bless her heart. She called Bee and said she would watch the kids. Then, we headed out of town. Though, Bee forgot boots, so, our first stop was Tractor Supply where he bought some boots. We watched "Despicable Me" on the way up to Detroit and had a blast. What a GREAT movie. We laughed, and cheered, and cried, and cheered some more. By that time, we were at our hotel.

Now, last time, we stayed at the Double Tree. Which, is AMAZING! However, it's $179.00 a night. We had gotten a discounted rate on Travelocity for $85.00 a night. However, it's still expensive as hell. So, this time, since we were staying two nights, we opted for a cheaper hotel. I found one called the Metropolitan Inn by the airport. It was 20 minutes away from where the meeting was. It's didn't have very many good reviews, but I figure, people only leave a review when they have something to get off their chest. Besides, from the pictures, it looked really nice. And, at $41.00 a night (regularly $100.00), you couldn't beat the price. Well, it paid off. The Hotel was BEAUTIFUL! The bed was just as nice as the one at the Double Tree, and our room was much bigger. They were very nice, and the hotel was almost empty. We even had FREE Internet in our room! The toilet paper could have been better (single ply, like tissue paper), but that is pretty standard in all hotels.

Saturday night, we met up with the other owner and his girlfriend and went to dinner. We were going to go to Olive Garden, but then the boys saw a Hooters and since they no longer have them anymore in the Cleveland area, we went. Honestly, I was ok with this because I had always wanted to try their food. I wasn't disappointed either. It was good! We have a lovely young lady as our waitress and the boys were in their G-L-O-R-Y because we let them sit together on the same side of the table so they could oogle girls all while watching FOOTBALL on the huge TV. Afterwards, we decided to go out  for a drink or two, and ended up at a strip club. I wasn't sure I would be ok with that (not my thing, and I don't really feel comfortable when Bee goes. Even though, it's like once a year) but I figured, If he was going to go, I wanted to be there with him.

I LOVE how there is a Hot Young Thang right there and he looks at ME and smiles. Meanwhile R is lookin at the girlie. hehehe :)
I don't know. Maybe it was the one we went to. Maybe it was because it was still kind of early (Only 10pm), But it was lame. Not because there were half naked girls booty bouncing around, but the most amusement of the night was BEFORE we walked in and we saw a prostitute being picked up by a trucker, then seen him and her get arrested. It was bor-ing. I think Bee even was getting bored. He was texting and checking the football message board. I know we were tired, but he kept yawning. I think he might have had more fun if we stayed at Hooters. The girls that worked there seemed bored. Like, how I get at work? Like mind numbingly, soul crushingly bored. Except, Half naked, shaking their booty. The only time they perked up is when one of the other dancers said something to them. Like, normal office chatter around the water cooler, but it's around the pole. It seemed like it was one of the more upscale places too. I am not a connoisseur of strip clubs, but at $10.00 to get in, $10.00 to park, and $5 for beer $10 for mixed drinks, I'd say, I should OWN a strip club. Ha!

We left by midnight and went back to the hotel. We climbed into our big comfortable bed, and slept the sleep of Angels. Sunday, we got up, Bee and I went down to check out the continental breakfast and had a bagel and a coffee. Then, headed back to the room where we hung out until breakfast. We met with our friends at the Rams Horn again and had a great time until it was time to say good bye to the guys. They had their meeting to go to. W and I went back to the hotel and hung out. We had girl talk and laughed and tee-hee'ed until we decided we wanted snacks. Bee gave my $20.00, so we ran up to Speedway and hooked ourselves up. By the time we got back to the Hotel, the boys were back. Our friends left to go back home shortly after, and Bee and I had the rest of the night to ourselves.

Can I tell you, it was the most fun doing nothing that I think we have ever had? And it was So. Nice. We hung out and cuddled on the little love seat until we decided that we were going to run to Walmart and buy a pair of swim trunks for Bee. We got there and it was PACKED! We wandered around the store for 2 hours, which made me nervous, because that Walmart is literally within walking distance of my Aunt's house and my cousin LIVES in that store. I didn't want to run into her and have to explain why I didn't tell her I was coming up. Anyway, we had three things we were buying and the lines were still to the back of the store. Bee decided we would just try Meijier down the street. We ended up getting his shorts, and the 2nd book in the book series I am reading! We got back, ate our Wendy's, laughed, cuddled, soaked in and just enjoyed the quiet time together. Then, about 8pm, when no one else was around, we headed to the pool! We swam, hung out in the hot tub, and even hit up the Sauna! Then it was back to the room for a movie and cuddling.

Monday morning, we checked out and headed home. Happy to be going home because we missed it and the kids, but a little sad that regular life resumes. The kids got home and told us all about their fun weekend with Grandma. They had missed us too :) Now, it's back to real life. Bee had Practice Monday night from 9:30-11:30 downtown. I knew he was going to be tired come Tuesday. I planned on going to bed as soon as he left, but decided on watching Toy Story 3 instead. I made it to bed at 11:30pm. So, by lastnight, we were exhausted and made it to bed by 9:30pm.

Tomorrow is Bee's surgery on his finger. I am nervous, but I know it will be ok. I am not worried about the actual surgery, I am worried about his pain after, and how much he will end up listening to the doctor. He fully intends on being at work come Friday. Now, if they just SET his finger, then I can see that happening, but if they cut into him and reattach things, maybe not. I don't know. I will just keep praying!

In the meantime, this snow can stop at anytime...

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