Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And now....sickness

I am willing myself not to be sick.

 I don't think it's working.

Yesterday I fought a headache all day. It kicked my butt until finally at around 3:30pm I decided to stop being bull-headed and take something. I found Excedrin in the kitchen here at work. I took two and honestly, within about 8 minutes, I felt worlds better. It was still there. I still felt drained, but the pounding, oh the pounding was gone.

Bee, in an effort to put more chores on our punished children, told them I was not feeling well and they were responsible for making their lunches and their own dinner. Only thing is, we have such good kids that do things, even chores, even chores that are extra due to punishment, with a happy attitude. So, they treated it as a privilege, instead of punishment. Ha! So, I came home and told them I would do dinner since I had just planned on heating up frozen chicken wings my mom gave me and making some of those "Noodle Sides". I did that, we ate, Bee left for practice at 8:30, and I went to bed.

Today, my throat hurts, my nose is kinda stuffy, and I can feel the drainage. Yuck.

However, I'll be darned if I go home. I am trying to save my time off and if everyone else can come in sick and infect the whole office (Hence, how I am sick now), then so can I!

However, as soon as I go home, I am falling into bed.

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Sarah said...

Hope you feel better soon! So nice that the kids helped out like that! :)