Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This, that, and the other...

Well, so far, all of us are surviving today. Bee had practice last night. It's twice a week now, Tuesday's and Wednesday's from 10pm-12am. It's late, I know. But, the sports dome is SUPER nice and it's FREE for them to use, but they have to use it when no one else (ie: The College it belongs to) is, and right now, that would be from 10pm-Midnight. Oddly enough, it totally works. They've been having 30+ guys each practice which is pretty much unheard of even during the season. That's just how semi-pro is. Mainly because what keeps a guy from practice is work and his girlfriend/wife/baby mama. Work till 6 or 7? Can't make it to practice if it's from 6:30-9:30. Have a family? Your wife/girlfriend/baby mama isn't happy about you being gone in the evening and not being home to help out with kids and homework/dinner/bath time/bed time. This way, it's late enough they can fulfill their other duties and still make practice. However, Bee has to be up at 4:30am for work. Getting home at 12:30 doesn't really do much for his getting sleep, so he's been going to bed as soon as he gets home from work, sleeps 5 hours, goes to practice, then comes home and sleeps 3-4 more. He's tired, but he'll get through it.

I am FINALLY feeling better. Little man is too. He had my cold as well. We'll both live ;) I am surely glad of that because I have a lot going on these next few weeks. Our dinner plans for Saturday that have been in place for months got canceled yesterday, freeing us up to go to Detroit Saturday for the League meeting instead of trying to do the drive there and back, plus the meeting, all in one day. However, financially, we have to see if we can swing it. Bee was off work for two days this month and gas isn't cheap. However, I just got my tax refund today and as long as we don't go crazy, I think we can swing it. I bought Bee's Valentines day present (Which was WAY cheaper than I thought it was going to be AND a portion of the proceeds go to a GREAT cause!), and I got myself a sweet t-shirt, and I still need to get my glasses and contacts, and get my tires balanced, but I figure I should still have enough to get us a room for the night, and pay for either a meal out or a tank of gas. We'll see.

A couple of things that made me stop and giggle (weather it was a Christian thing to do or not, is a different story....workin on it Lord...)

C got a package in the mail on Tuesday from her mom. This was after not hearing from her in almost a month. No letter, nothing to Little Man (not even a HI! on the envelope) just the contents of the package. Which was a notebook sized Day planner. Apparently, C knew it would be coming at some point because her mom said she was going to send it to her when she visited last. Anyway, the story goes, I guess she asked for one and received it in the mail from "someone" at Christmas. However, I guess they are not allowed to have those in that size. If they are going to have them, they need to be pocked sized, so it was confiscated, but they said she could send it to someone, so she picked C because there were dogs on it and she knew she'd like it. Anyway, my question is this...what the HELL are you doing in PRISON that has you Soooooo busy that you need a DAY PLANNER? I get wanting a calender, but a DAY planner, with a page per day to write your appointments and to-do lists? I'm a busy person who is NOT in prison, and I still am not busy enough to need a DAY planner.

The other was that J told me in a letter that came Wednesday, that the kid's mom had mentioned that the kids would be able to see "their dog" (A dog she trained and apparently became attached to and had her mom and dad adopt and hold for her until she gets out) whenever they came to visit Grandma and Grandpa, then, when she got out, they could see the dog at her house. She also said that she can't get attached to any more because her friend, who she is going to be living with, said she can't be bringing any more dogs home. She then said she was glad HE was taking control of "THEIR" money because she would have a whole bunch of dogs if left unattended (And I'm sure, designer purses, clothes, exotic vacations, tanning packages, and nail appointments).

Points of interest: her "Friend" who is a "HE", and who she'll be "Living with" is taking care of "THEIR" money.

First time she's ever mentioned what she is going to do AFTER she gets out in the way of a place to live. From all of HER talk, I've always assumed that SHE assumed, She'd be living at my house, with Bee, after she booted me out of course. Also, her "Friend" is a "HE" and he is taking care of "THEIR" money. Ok, I've had roommates. I've even had guy roommates who were just that. Roommates. They never knew anything about MY money except for when I handed them a check for my part of the bills. "THEIR" money implies more than friends.

On our way to Detroit last time, Bee and I talked about her a bit. Nothing pressing. No arguing. Just talking. I made a comment about how I don't understand adamantly going after and pursuing someone who not only has made it CLEAR in several ways they do not want you, but they don't return your advances and haven't responded to any of your contact in a year. I also said that with all of the websites out there that offer love matches/pen pals (Which, let's be honest, "pen pals" is a nice way to dress up a "dating site.) to people in prison, why doesn't she just find someone on there she can latch onto that would be a lot more receptive of her and her advances. To which, he replied, "Oh! But, she has! She has mentioned a "special friend" on several occasions!" And I said, I wonder what he would think of her sending love letters every week to her ex husband who has filed for Divorce, had it approved, gotten a girlfriend that he's been with for almost two years now, moved in together with her, and had bills placed in their names?

He had no answer for that. I don't either.

However, even though it made me giggle, I DO wish her luck. I hope she finally comes to grips with reality, and realizes her and Bee will never be again. He's moved on. Time for her to do the same. I hope her and her "special friend" are happy, and make a great life together. I hope she can be the mom she should have been all along, and at least lessen the damage that has surely been done to her kids. Above all, other than getting in touch both now and when she gets out, to talk to her kids, I hope she leaves me and Bee the Hell alone.

This is my hope...

But I doubt it will happen. That's too easy.

Dear Lord, give me the strength...

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