Sunday, January 2, 2011

Little Man is 8!

My little guy is 8 today. EIGHT! I may not have birthed him, but he holds a special place in my heart. It's hard to believe when I met  his dad, Little man was only 6!
Bless his little 8 year old heart.

Today we are going to go to Church, then come home and get ready for his big day. We are having friends over from school as well as family friends. We will be dining on homemade pizza, chips, pop, and for desert, we will have giant cookie cake and vanilla ice cream.

Is it fair to ask that he stays little forever? He's not going to be the little man forever. While I want him to grow up and be a good loving adult, I want him to stay little just a smidge longer :)

So, in honor of this joyous day, I give to you 8 reasons why I love this little man!

1. He is the best share-er around. He could be starving, on the brink of death, and only has 1 chicken nugget left, and he will offer it to you before eating it himself. He shares his toys, his thoughts, his food, and pretty much anything else he has with nary a sigh, or an eye roll. In fact, he does it without us even asking!

2. He has a heart of gold. He is kind and sincere, yet will not brown nose. When he pays you a compliment, it's genuine.

3. He is smart! Oh so smart. He is the top student in his class. He reads better than anyone else, even his older sisters, and the things this kid knows, or thinks to ask about, would blow your mind. He takes after his daddy that way.

4. His willingness, unprovoked, to help out. Always the first to volunteer to get something for dad, or to ask me if I need help with getting dinner ready, or bringing the groceries in.

5. The fact that he loves to cuddle! Weather it's with me, his dad, or his sisters. He is one big cuddle bug!

6. He is always well behaved. I hardly have to scold him about much. He's NEVER in trouble at school. He's always "Green" when it comes to his school behavior (Green is good, yellow means the teacher had to warn you, and Red is, well. It was a bad day LOL!) and the one day he went "yellow" because he forgot his notebook, he came home and cried thinking Bee and I would punish him. :)

7. His laughter. It's contagious!

8. The fact that of all my kids, he is the one that you tell him something once, and he'll never forget it. He is the only one who remembers everyday to wash out his dishes and put them in the sink/dishwasher. He is usually the one who always has his lunchbox on the counter after school for me, and his backpack put away. His boots are always on the boot rack, and his toys are usually put away right before he comes and hugs us good night

To my little guy: May you have the happiest of birthdays and I hope you get everything your little heart wants. May today be your day! We love you!

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