Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I overslept by an hour and a half today.

I woke up when C banged on the door, interrupting a particularly confusing dream I was having just as the one part that would make it all tie together and make sense was going to be revealed, which upset me. When I asked her, grumpily, what she wanted, she said her and J were leaving to get on the bus, did I want her to wake up little man?

Umm. WHAT?! Yeah. That's how my day started. God love them for not wanting to "bother" me, but HELLO! If you don't see my by breakfast, or your brother for that matter, make sure I am awake!

Little Man and I got up, got him fed, got me dressed (no shower..I hate days like that), and got out the door. I manged to get him to Latch Key 5 minutes later than normal and I was about 2 minutes late to work. No Biggie.

I saw an ad today for a book called the 400 calorie fix- 400 Meals with only 400 calories. They wanted $36.00 for it on the website I was on. I really liked the idea of the book, but not for $36.00. I found it on amazon for $7.00. Yeah, I am going to buy it when I get paid. I've really wanted to start cooking healthier for my hive. Problem is, unless it's the normal stuff I make them, they don't want to eat it. The stuff I make is way way way better than the fast food they were eating every night, but good God, I use a stick of butter almost every meal. High Calorie. High Fat. Hardly no veggies or fruit. I have a Bee who won't eat fruit, and a little man who won't eat veggies. The girls are pretty easy. They will at least eat a serving of something, weather they like it or not. There was a burger shown in a picture that looked great and it promised to be healthy and good for me. So, we'll see. I'm craving salad and tomatoes for some reason.

I've also seen things all over the MSN home page about simple exercises to do at home or at your desk at work. I need to start adding those in as well. We are a sports orientated house. We have equipment laying around  I can use. I need to get on that.

However, it's early to bed tonight! :)

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Amander said...

Over sleeping sucks! Even though you need the sleep, it throws off the whole day.